Is Hampshire a Good Place to Live? More Than Just Scenery

Having moved from the bustling streets of London, I found myself drawn to the allure of this county. Nestled in the South East of England, Hampshire boasts a rich history and a diverse landscape that ranges from the maritime city of Portsmouth to the lush New Forest.

With its proximity to the coast, you’re never too far from a refreshing sea breeze or a scenic beach walk.

Location and Geography

Hampshire place city

Hampshire’s geographical location is truly something to marvel at. Bordered by significant counties in all directions while itself sitting on the coast, the county is strategically positioned. The Solent, a strait separating the Isle of Wight from the mainland, adds a touch of maritime charm to the county.

Fun Fact: The New Forest, one of England’s national parks, is located in Hampshire and is home to a variety of wildlife, including free-roaming ponies!

The county’s location offers a blend of coastal, urban, and rural environments. This diversity can be both an advantage and a drawback.

  • On one hand, residents get to enjoy the best of both worlds: the serenity of the countryside and the vibrancy of city life.
  • On the other, this can sometimes lead to the dilemma of choosing between a quiet weekend in the New Forest or a lively one in Southampton.

Economic Opportunities

Hampshire place economy

When I first considered the move, one of my primary concerns was the job market. Would Hampshire offer the same opportunities as London? To my pleasant surprise, the county has a robust economy.

Major cities like Southampton and Portsmouth are hubs for industries ranging from maritime to aerospace. BAE Systems, one of the world’s leading defense and aerospace companies, has a significant presence in the region.

Pro Tip: If you’re considering a career shift, the maritime and tech sectors in Hampshire are particularly promising.

However, like any other region, there are challenges. While there are ample opportunities in certain sectors, others might require a bit of a commute, especially if you’re used to the vast array of options in London. But with the promise of career growth and stability in many of its industries, Hampshire holds its own.

Quality of Life

Transitioning from London, I was curious about the quality of life Hampshire would offer. Healthcare, education, and safety are paramount, and I wasn’t disappointed. The county boasts some top-notch educational institutions and healthcare facilities. Further, the crime rate is relatively lower than in some of the bigger cities, which adds to the peace of mind.

How about cultural and recreational amenities you ask? Hampshire has them in spades. From the historic Winchester Cathedral to the contemporary art scenes in its cities, there’s always something to pique one’s interest. The annual events, like the Southampton Boat Show, not only offer entertainment but also provide a sense of community.

However, every rose has its thorns. Some areas can be a tad quieter than what a former Londoner might be used to, which might feel like a cultural shock initially. But give it time, and the charm of Hampshire’s unique blend of the old and new will surely grow on you.

Cost of Living

Hampshire place housing

Ah, the cost of living. It’s a topic that’s always on our minds, isn’t it? Especially when you’re transitioning from a city like London, where everything seems to come with a hefty price tag. So, how does Hampshire fare in this regard?

An affordable lifestyle compared to London:

  • Housing, for instance, is notably less expensive. While you might not find the grandeur, the homes here are charming, spacious, and, most importantly, won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Utilities and daily expenses, too, are more reasonable. Whether it’s your monthly electricity bill or that occasional dining out, you’ll find that your pounds stretch a bit further in Hampshire.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Hampshire is home to some of the UK’s most picturesque villages? It’s true! And the best part? Living in these villages often comes at a fraction of the cost of living in a bustling city.

Education and Healthcare

Hampshire place education

Two pillars that play a crucial role in determining the quality of life in any region. In Hampshire, I’ve found both to be of a high standard.

The county is home to some renowned educational institutions. Whether you’re looking for primary schools or higher education options, Hampshire doesn’t disappoint. The University of Southampton, for instance, is globally recognized and offers a plethora of courses.

Healthcare facilities are also top-notch, with several hospitals and clinics spread across the county. Access to medical care is relatively easy, and the overall health of the population is commendable.

Transportation and Accessibility

Hampshire place Portsmouth

Navigating Hampshire has been a breeze for me, especially after the hustle and bustle of London’s transport system. The county offers a plethora of options, ensuring you can get from point A to B with ease.

  • By Bus: Hampshire’s bus network is extensive, with major operators like Stagecoach, First Group, and Blue Star ensuring regular services across the county. For those looking to avoid city centre congestion, Park and Ride services in cities like Winchester, Portsmouth, and Basingstoke come in handy. And if you’re in the mood for some scenic beauty, the New Forest Tour open-top bus is a treat, covering the entirety of the National Park.
  • By Train: The rail network in Hampshire is equally commendable. South Western Railway operates the primary train service, connecting most major towns within the county and extending to London Waterloo. For a nostalgic experience, the Mid Hants Railway (Watercress Line) offers a steam train journey between Alresford and Alton. It’s a delightful way to soak in the county’s scenic beauty.

Fun Fact: The Watercress Line gets its name because it was used to transport fresh watercress to markets in London. Talk about a journey with a purpose!

  • By Water: If you’re keen on a maritime journey, Hampshire won’t disappoint. Ferries like the Hythe Ferry, Gosport Ferry, and Hayling Ferry offer quick and scenic routes across waters. The Portsmouth Harbour Waterbus is another gem, linking major attractions in the area.
  • By Car: For those who prefer the freedom of driving, Hampshire’s road network is top-notch. The M3 connects Winchester to London, while the M27/A27 stretches from Southampton to Sussex. And if you’re in the mood for an upgrade, companies like Sixt offer premium car rentals.

Housing Options

Hampshire place village

Housing in Hampshire offers a delightful mix. From quaint cottages in picturesque villages to modern apartments in bustling cities, there’s something for everyone. I was taken aback by the variety and affordability. While housing prices have been on the rise, as is the trend globally, they remain more affordable than London.

However, like any place, there are challenges. Some areas, especially the more sought-after ones, might have limited availability. But with a bit of research and patience, finding the perfect home is entirely feasible.


Hampshire’s commitment to the environment is evident in its policies and initiatives. The county boasts numerous green spaces, ensuring residents have ample opportunities to connect with nature. Air and water quality are generally good, and there’s a conscious effort to promote sustainability.

The New Forest, for instance, is not just a tourist attraction but also a testament to Hampshire’s dedication to preserving its natural heritage. Efforts to maintain its biodiversity and promote eco-friendly tourism are commendable.


What is the primary mode of public transportation in Hampshire?

Hampshire boasts a comprehensive public transportation system, with buses and trains being the primary modes. There are also ferry services connecting various parts of the county.

Are there any unique recreational activities specific to Hampshire?

Yes, apart from the usual recreational activities, Hampshire offers unique experiences like steam train journeys on the Mid Hants Railway (Watercress Line) and open-top bus tours in the New Forest.

How does Hampshire’s environmental consciousness compare to other regions?

Hampshire is highly committed to environmental sustainability, with numerous green spaces, eco-friendly tourism initiatives, and efforts to maintain biodiversity, especially in areas like the New Forest.

Is Hampshire suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! Hampshire offers top-notch educational institutions, family-friendly recreational activities, and a safe environment, making it an ideal place for families.


Hampshire, a blend of historical charm and modern conveniences, offers a lifestyle that caters to diverse preferences. From its robust transportation system to its commitment to the environment, the county ensures a balanced and fulfilling life.

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking urban comforts in a serene setting, Hampshire promises a life enriched with experiences and memories.