How Much Does It Cost to Attend Monkton Combe School?

Monkton Combe School is a prestigious educational institution known for its high academic standards and comprehensive learning environment.

Being aware of the costs associated with attending Monkton Combe is crucial for prospective families to plan accordingly and make informed financial decisions.

Let us talk about it.

Registration Fees

Monkton Combe School - Drone View

Joining Monkton Combe School begins with a non-refundable registration fee of £100.

Paying the registration fee is the first step in a comprehensive admission process, ensuring that the school can manage its resources and maintain its high standards.

Nursery and Kindergarten Fees

Monkton Combe School offers tailored early education programs for young children.

  • Nursery services for ages 2-3 are charged at £77 per day, with a minimum attendance requirement of two days per week.
  • For children aged 3-4, the Kindergarten fee remains £77 per day or £4,162 per term, with a minimum of three days per week.
  • Half-day sessions are available at £45 each, providing flexibility for families.

The school also offers aftercare services at £12 per hour, ensuring that parents have the support they need beyond regular school hours.

These fees reflect the school’s commitment to providing high-quality early childhood education, fostering a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Prep School Fees

The prep school fees at Monkton Combe vary by year and type of boarding.

  • Reception students pay £4,165 per term, while Years 1 and 2 cost £4,285 per term.
  • Year 3 fees are £5,025 per term for day students, £9,760 for full boarders, and £9,340 for weekly boarders.
  • For Years 4 and 5, day students also pay £5,025 per term, with full boarding at £10,150 and weekly boarding at £9,340.
  • Year 6 day-fees rise slightly to £5,180 per term, with full and weekly boarding fees unchanged.
  • Years 7 and 8 have higher day fees at £7,320 per term, full boarding at £10,550, and weekly boarding at £9,580.

Senior School Fees

Monkton Combe School Fees

Monkton Combe’s senior school fees reflect the advanced level of education and facilities provided.

  • For Years 9-11, day students pay £8,500 per term, full boarders £13,875, and weekly boarders £12,590.
  • In Years 12-13, fees increase slightly to £8,930 per term for day students, £14,245 for full boarders, and £12,930 for weekly boarders.
  • There is a charge of £130 for Exeat weekends, which are essential for the welfare and recreation of boarders.

Additional Charges

Monkton Combe School has several additional charges for specialized services and activities.

Individual music and LAMDA lessons cost £44.40 per hour, providing expert instruction in the arts.

English as a Second Language (ESL) lessons are £550 per term for Years 6-8, increasing to £1,350 for Year 9, and £1,050 for Years 10-12.

Special lessons for learning support are available, with one-to-one tuition costing £43 per session and shared sessions at £30 per session.

Extra costs also apply for practical subjects, school publications, musical instruments, theater trips, special activities, and medical appointments.

Payment Terms

Students in Monkton Combe School

Payment of fees at Monkton Combe School is required by the first day of each term to ensure smooth operation and planning.

The school offers a 1% discount for fees paid in advance, providing an incentive for early payment.

Interest on outstanding amounts is charged at 3% above the Bank of England base rate, emphasizing the importance of timely payment.

A deposit is also required to confirm entry, secure a student’s place, and demonstrate commitment to the school.

Discounts and Allowances

Monkton Combe School offers several discounts and allowances to support families.

Sibling discounts are available, providing 5% off for the second child, 10% for the third, and 15% for the fourth child, making education more affordable for larger families.

The Continuity in Education Allowance (CEA) offers a 20% discount for eligible borders, often available to families of those in the military or diplomatic services.