About Me

Hello, I’m Mirela McTominay, the dedicated author and owner of the popular website “Life After London”. My site is a leading resource for those considering a move from the bustling cityscape of London to the tranquil and scenic rural parts of the United Kingdom.

My Journey

My journey began with a personal leap from the hectic streets of London to the peaceful countryside. This transition opened my eyes to the numerous joys and unique challenges of rural living.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep passion for the countryside, I have devoted my career to helping others discover the beauty and serenity that lies beyond the city’s limits.

My Mission

At Life After London, my mission is to inspire, educate, and support individuals and families looking to trade in the fast-paced urban lifestyle for the calm and charm of rural living.

More details about how I conduct this mission can be found in my editorial policy.

What You’ll Find Here

On Life After London, I strive to cover every aspect of the moving process and rural lifestyle, including:

Detailed Guides and Resources: Comprehensive articles and guides on the logistics of moving, finding the perfect rural location, and settling into your new home.
Personal Stories and Experiences: Sharing my own experiences and the stories of others who have made the transition, providing a real-life perspective on rural living.
Practical Tips and Advice: From adjusting to a slower pace of life to embracing the community spirit, I offer practical advice to help you thrive in your new environment.
Exploring the Countryside: Discovering hidden gems, local traditions, and the natural beauty that the UK countryside has to offer.

Join the Community

At Life After London, you’re not just a reader; you’re part of a community. Your feedback, stories, and experiences help shape the content and direction of the site.

Together, we can explore the endless possibilities and adventures that come with rural living.