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I’m just back from meeting with James at Stacks and wanted to thank you for setting up these advice sessions. I’m still at the very early stages of thinking about moving out of London and didn’t have anyone knowledgeable and unbiased to chat to, until today! I now feel clearer about my options and more inclined to take action rather than endlessly mulling it all over.

The seminar was structured, he validated our reasons for moving out and made some suggestions without imposing his views.  He sent us away with a lot to think about. James was very easy to share ideas, imparted some valuable knowledge and we will certainly take him up on his offer to schedule another meeting once we are clearer on our situation.

Stacks Property Search

Your session will be hosted by one of the buying agents for Stacks Property Search.

Search Agents like Stacks do an amazingly helpful job,  similar to Kirsty and Phil without the cameras. They seek out the best property for you, and help you step by step to secure your dream home.

At this meeting they will just be offering advice and ideas and discussing the issues effecting your move out of London.