Meet our founder Belinda Aspinall

I'm not moving out of London just yet...!

Surrounded by a support network built up over the years, I am totally reliant on advice from others and the thought of moving out of London, away from my network, fills me with fear...

Living in London with my three gorgeous children and amazing husband, I have watched friends leaving over the years and I know that just because you have made the decision to move it doesn’t mean you don't have concerns/doubts and questions.  I created so people can move to a new area with help and advice from others, getting a bit of friendly support when you need it.

Life After London is for those in the early stages of researching new areas, also for those more certain who have questions about their chosen areas, but it's also for those who have made the move but haven’t found all the answers about their new area just yet.

I genuinely hope that Life After London will become a real support for people moving to a new area when life can feel somewhat daunting and even lonely.

The website is totally reliant on those who already live out of London who are proving to be unbelievably brilliant answering questions as soon as they are posted, so I am constantly grateful to all our County Contacts.

I’d love to know your thoughts. I haven’t made the move (I’m waiting for a network to get going in my chosen area!) so I rely on your feedback and comments so we can push the website in the right direction. Please get in touch: good or bad I'd love to know what you think we need, what we're doing wrong (and maybe what we're doing right).

However you have found yourself on Life After London, thank you for visiting us and I hope to chat with you soon.

Belinda Aspinall Life After London

Belinda Aspinall
Founder - Life After London Limited