House Prices, Househunting and Rennovation

So I fell at the first hurdle and didn't update this blog yesterday as intented but then again surely you don't want to hear from me everyday do you!  Perhaps every few days when I have something fascinating to share with you!

So for my fascination today....

The report out recently said houseprices rose by the highest monthly rate in 3 years.  Whilst this is obviously something to jump up and down about (not least because it will get you warm) infact the problem remains supply.  There simply aren't enough decent houses on the market, priced right without over inflated idealistic tags!  Much has been made of the government budget announcements but as I understand it they will impact only new builds and no buy to lets - that might not mean much to you and me but the buy to let market is one that keeps the property market revolving.  To read more about it visit Estate Agent Today 

We're looking at renovating our bathroom at some point...nothing fancy but really I am finding it bleak and miserable. Nothing would posses me to actually have a relaxing bath in our en-suite and that must mean something's not right (considering we do actually have a bath otherwise it would be an understandable not to want a bath).  There seem to be a number of ways to go with a bathroom, country casual, hotel sleek, or crazy romance.  On the basis I'm no interior designer I'll be reading what others write on the subject - any of these take your pick?  I certainly enjoy the black board signage but I'm not sure that's what my message would say....  I've also just read this blog from the brilliant Kate Watson Smyth about how to create the perfect bathroom and that will definitely be handy for me.

If you're househunting in the Country at the moment then you could do worse than signing up for the Strutt and Parker Open Day.  Houses all over the Country join in and often properties which aren't officially on the market. It's a great way to tee-up lots of viewings in one day without having to be exact on timings etc.

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  1. Hi again, have you used pinterest to get ideas for your bathroom?
    I find glossy magazines ever so expensive when all I want is some inspiration, so I use pinterest a lot. I do find that it tends to be mostly American, but when you are looking for a ‘look’ to get your juices flowing it is great as a first point of call. I also use the images button on google, which is helpful in trying to locate particular brands and can often throw you in a completely different direction, I’m always going off at a tangent.
    Word of warning, this kind of research can swallow up whole days spent dreaming of winning the lottery, but it’s certainly a lot more pleasant than actually cleaning the loo or tiling the bathroom!

  2. I’m going to build my own bath (part sunken) with some spa jets. and if I was looking for a bath, I’d look for American (They are usually years ahead)




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