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    Dear Laura,
    We will find some more specific thoughts but have you found this very handy link for commute times?

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    A friend from Twitter says:
    “Would suggest maybe Beckington village as on the Bath side of Frome. Have friends at Steiner who are v pleased with it.”

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    A follower from Twitter says:

    I also moved from London. You can def set up new biz here. Some people even keep their London clients. Visit a few times, join a monthly networking group to talk to people & gain contacts.

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    Some other Twitter recommendations:

    “Horsham Parents on FB & it might be too late, but new homes at Rudgwick Clayshaw Place”

    “We’d say – hope that info helps!”

    “The Horsham Parents Facebook group is great & the #Horsham Facebook page is really useful – tons of info”

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    A Twitter follower has the following tips:

    Facebook group called ‘Horsham Mummy’ which is worth a look. Also, recommend Sillett House for B&B, can walk to town

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    Another Twitter follower says:
    “Have heard nothing but good things about Barfield – a great school with some fantastic facilities. Thumbs up I would say.”

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    A follower on Twitter says:

    My kids all went through Barfield and we have been more than happy.

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    A comment from a Life After London user:

    “My advice having left London…

    1. Choose which area you want to live
    2. Look for right job. This will be the hardest thing to find probably.
    3. Start property hunting. This can take time. Rental too in case you need short term options.
    4. Don’t move until you’ve found a job as it’s too risky.
    5. Leave London and never look back. Enjoy life.

    PS The Cotswolds is very nice and has lots of great careers –

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    Another friend on Twitter says:
    “I usually cycle from Godstone to Oxted or get the bus. Parking at Oxted station is expensive but there is a car park. The roads near by now mostly have yellow lines but there are some further out (5min walk) where you can park for free then walk up to the station. I do this if the weather isn’t great. Hope this helps” -Izzie

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    A follower on Twitter says:

    “Yes, one would need to get to station early if coming by car”

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    From a friend:
    My children’s primary school, St Peters RC is on that road and whilst you get decent sized properties/gardens (some with amazing views as it’s the top of town ) and varied styles of houses, needless to say the traffic/congestion etc during the schools runs is a bit of a nightmare as it’s a dead end road. The school also has a church attached so there will be some outside school hours activity too. It is on the edge of Stanmore which is a council estate, you do have a lot of student lets there as its close to the university. So pro’s and con’s! Hope that helps x

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    A Twitter user says:

    “Dynevor Road would currently be in St John’s catchment, but you would probably also be in catchment for St Matthews too. The next closest would be Temple Grove and St Barnabas, but your best bet would be to phone the admissions secretaries to ask. However, if you haven’t even got children yet, and with the amount of house building going on in TW, who knows what the schools landscape will look like in 5 -6 years time!! That said, in your shoes, I would assume that you were fairly safe for St John’s.

    That area is improving all the time as prices further west of there go a bit bonkers and young families moving out of flats want to stay in the town but can’t afford a detached house.

    the ‘London expat’ route is very well trodden so you will meet lots of people in a similar place; there are loads of things going on culturally, sportingly and later on, for babies and toddlers. The parks are lovely and the only two things most of us would change is the traffic congestion (diabolical at rush hour) and the unreliable and expensive train service (although Southeastern keep promising that all will change once London Bridge is sorted -and there goes another flying pig….!).

    Hope that helps!”

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    So sorry this happened to you! We asked one our our reputable removal companies for their input. I’m afraid this was their response. Sounds like there isn’t much that can be done.

    “It doesn’t look like they are Members of either the NGRS or BAR and so they will not be regulated. IN this instance there is not much you can do, except go to the police, which it appears you have already done.
    You could also leave a review on warning other potential customers.
    This is the problem with our industry in that there are far too many fly by night unregulated companies.”

    For details about selecting a reliable removal company please read this article

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    Great advice from one of our members:

    Bath or maybe Bristol would be good starting points. Both have very different vibes and appeal to different people but both cities offer good job prospects and a wide choice of cultural activities to appeal to all tastes. I don’t know if you are looking to buy or rent but as a local property finder we could advise on both if that was of interest.

    Great advice from one of our members:

    I would recommend you have a look at Bath in the first instance. It’s a wonderful city to live in/close to and you are very close to Bristol airport. There are also two Universities and some excellent schools – both private and state. If you don’t want to actually live in the city itself, there are some wonderful villages very close to which offer better value for money than the city itself and communications are excellent. The area is extremely popular – especially with ex-Londoners – so the property market is very competitive; my advice therefore would be to try and secure the house first and then look at work and schools afterwards because I think this will be slightly easier than perhaps finding the right house.

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