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    A follower on Facebook has this advice:

    Moved here in 2012 and never looked back. The energy and the people are just amazing. Bold Street is full of lovely independent restaurants. A good place to be vegetarian/vegan! I’m so glad I made the move.
    South of Liverpool: Allerton, for Liverpool South Parkway, Halewood, Mossley Hill.
    North of Liverpool: Crosby, Formby.
    Wirral: Bromborough, Eastham.
    All roughly 15-30 minutes by train into Liverpool.

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    A follower on Instagram suggests:
    Near Albert Dock. Mann island etc. Vibrant great culture, great transport links. V close to shops too and not crazy in the evening.

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    One of our members shared this advice:

    Village life is bustling in Somerset with so much to do!!! The village halls are all well used with clubs and societies and you will find that schools have PTAs. Especially if your daughter rides, she & you can get involved in the life at the stables.
    Grab the local parish mag & see what is going on.
    You will find that, unlike London, being in the same room/field/bus/shop/playground leads to conversation in Somerset. People chat very easily and will be glad to let you know of what is going on!!
    Without knowing the village you are moving to I cannot be more specific! I moved from London 16 years ago with small children and they have enjoyed the fresh air, beaches and availability of so much to do!
    Join in and you will soon have many friends! Good luck!

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    A post from one of our members:

    Firstly congratulations on your first home, we too have purchased our first home in Rochester, Kent. The house is a 1920’s 3 bedroom terrace house it had one owner before us, we’ve decided to renovate it and keep as much as the original features as possible, my partner is able to do most of the work. However we are time poor (work, family, life) so for the big jobs as in plastering and joinery work we’ve decided to have specialists in…lucky for us everything (walls, flooring etc) is in sound condition. I’ll recommend having a go at the jobs you maybe able to do such as stripping wallpaper and sanding wood work and get someone in for the big jobs. It will be a slow progress with a sense of achievement once your home is finished, especially knowing you’ve put in some of the hard work! Wishing you all the best.

    P.S. Our home is far from being finished, I’ve had to exercise a lot of patience…

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    Another helpful post:

    Having lived in Chard area for 20+ years I can say it is nice albeit a little quiet and limited on facilities. Either Taunton – 14 miles away or Exeter 30 miles away will be where larger facilities/amenities are available.

    There are some delightful parts of the town and villages around Chard; Combe ST Nicholas, South Chard/Tatworth, Winsham, Buckland St Mary, Chardstock, Broadway to name a few.

    The Schools have generally improved since I went to school there, although the secondary schools have always been good, apparently they are even better now. The primary schools I’m not sure about unfortunately. This maybe where village schools surpass the town ones but I’m not sure on that.

    I commuted for over 15 years to Taunton and can be busy via the main roads but there are 1 or 2 alternative routes when you get to know the area which will be quicker.

    I am happy to help further should you wish to know more specific information.

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    From one of our members:

    Chard is a lovely place! There is SO much to do for small children all over Somerset. Fern Animal centre is on your doorstep, but there are walks and beaches close by! Chard to Taunton is approx 30mins!
    Not London driving! Actually moving along!
    Schools I cannot tell you about.
    Social life is huge in Somerset, there are so many groups to get involved in, Carnival Season is soon upon us (a revelation to an outsider!)
    Good luck!

    Another Twitter follower says:
    We have several friends who live in the Lake District and work three days a week in London. The train takes just over three hours.

    A follower on Twitter answers the following:
    There is a train fro Oxenholme (in Kendal) thats runs straight to London in 2.5hours everyday and same going back. This would make travelling to work easy if she was going to stay down for a few days.

    Kendal is south lakes but easily drivable to the Bowness or Coniston area if she is wanting to live somewhere with a lakes view.

    I can’t advise on house prices but logistical wise I’m certain this would be doable for her.

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    One of our County Contacts suggests:
    “I would suggest Bath or surrounding countryside. 90 minute commute shortening to about 70 minutes once electrification of the line is finished, probably too far or near Chippenham ten minutes closer to London Paddington.”

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    Have you thought of Thame? Great primary schools and a really good comp plus it is on the Chiltern Line which has trains north to Banbury and south to London, plus it’s almost on the M40 which goes to both it you prefer to travel by car. It’s on the edge of the Chilterns so in the middle of beautiful countryside. We moved her for pretty much the same reasons as you and haven’t regretted it for an instant

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    Another answer from a friend on Twitter:
    “I wouldn’t call any of Lewes ‘dodgy’ but of course there are many different areas with different demographics”

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    A friend from Twitter says:
    “We would say all of Lewes is lovely with different parts offering properties for a variety of budgets and needs.”

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    A message from a friend on Twitter:

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    A friend from Twitter says:
    “Historically yes we have families from Berkhamsted who have children at Chesham. Will always fill own area first.”

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