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    Hi everyone,

    I posted on the LAL website a year or so ago, because every so often I go through the “I want out of London” phase, and this time I really do mean it. My parents just sold their log cabin on a lake in Canada, where I have gone over the last 27 years for peace and quiet and tranquility.

    I actually visited the Lake District in December and loved it but the problem I have is that I run my own practice in East London and would effectively have to be in London 3 days/week (I could work in the Lake district, or area I move to on the other 2 days).

    I’m not set on the L. District but do want to move to a lake area; I realised after my visit home (Canada) last week that I *am* a country girl. I’m sick of busy London where I’ve lived for 26 years.

    I’m 50 years old, no kids, no husband. Just me. Happy in my own company, happy to make new friends. Happy to treps into London when I’m in need of more of a buzz.

    Are there other areas I could be looking at that are nearer to London? I’ve been browsing Cambridgshire on Rightmove but don’t see lakes that people actually live on-they are more tourist attractions.

    Any advise would be appreciated. I like rural, i.e., no noise, garden, near enough to a village with a pub for social purposes.

    Thanks in advance….


    A follower on Twitter answers the following:
    There is a train fro Oxenholme (in Kendal) thats runs straight to London in 2.5hours everyday and same going back. This would make travelling to work easy if she was going to stay down for a few days.

    Kendal is south lakes but easily drivable to the Bowness or Coniston area if she is wanting to live somewhere with a lakes view.

    I can’t advise on house prices but logistical wise I’m certain this would be doable for her.


    Another Twitter follower says:
    We have several friends who live in the Lake District and work three days a week in London. The train takes just over three hours.


    Hi to both above, thanks very much for the above. My plan was to do the journey each day, on 3 days/week, which may *not* be doable? It sounds like it would be doable if I was to stay in London on the three days I work there, but my plan was to rent out my own flat and rent a house in the Lake District to start with, and if I love it there, then purchase.

    Effectively, I’d need a base in London 3 nights/week.



    Hi there

    Not sure if you’ve made any decisions yet but I would say you would pretty soon get fed up with the too and fro journey every day even if only three days a week. Better to stay in London three nights somehow before you make the permanent move.
    We have a place in the Lakes and love it to bits. If you are planning to live there full time research areas carefully as some villages are full of second home owners and so more difficult to build a social life. Agree Kendal and surrounds are good areas.
    Good luck

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