Where to move to in Surrey?

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    Hi there,

    Myself and my partner are looking to move out of London next year. My other half needs to be within an easy/good reach of Gatwick Airport and I am a freelance so need to have access to London for work (and friends) but won’t be doing this commute everyday.
    We are also hoping to start a family in the next year or two so need to factor in a good area for families although initially it will be the two of us and we would like somewhere where we could maybe go out for dinner/drink fairly close by. I also work from home but need a bit of life either around us or within easy access. We are moving to take ourselves away from the hustle and bustle and as such would like a bit more space/greenery but not to the point where we have to drive to buy a pint of milk.
    So far we have been to Guildford and liked the looks of it however close to the centre is expensive and we want to have a bit of greenery around it. We liked the idea of some of the villages close by but have not had chance to explore all properly. Drove through Shalford and liked the looks of that and that it had a little parade of shops etc.
    Surbiton and that way of the world again look great but potentially we might be priced out of what we can afford-is there any surroundings areas people can suggest?
    We have also had areas such as Sutton and Cheam mentioned to us however I do not know a lot about these areas?
    Cobham/ Esher way also places mentioned to us but again not sure how much there is there and what its like as a mum/ with a family.
    As you can see we are slightly over whelmed for choice at the moment and any pearls of wisdom from anyone is hugely appreciated!! Equally if there are places that I haven’t mentioned that you think we would potentially like please feel free to recommend. We are going to use the next few weeks/ months to drive around areas more so any to add to the list would be great.
    Thanks in advance



    Hi Claire,

    Have you considered Ash? Slightly further out than Guildford.
    It’s just outside the area of Hart, voted the most desirable area to live in the UK for the past 5 years; this was selected by an independent survey and is reflective of the quality of life. I suggest Ash as is under 1hr to Gatwick. Alternatively, you may want to consider Hook, over the border in Hampshire. There is an abundance of countryside along with strong transport connections.
    If you consider looking at this sort of area, I’m happy to offer any advice as have been selling homes in the area for 25 years.

    Best of luck with your move.


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    I live in Croydon which is a direct train to gatwick and has great facilities for families although i think it will be far to much hussle and bussle for you, but there are places close by that might suit.
    have you thought of areas like reigate, a beautiful place with lots of family and great restaurants and pubs, the shops are good to and there is a huge park in the center that fantastic.
    Or there are places like caterham which has everything you need but the house prices are cheaper.



    Hi Claire
    We moved out of SW London 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. I thought I’d miss everything being on my doorstep but I really don’t.
    I now run my own lettings business and cover Surrey. Cobham and Esher can be expensive but there are parts that are not. I would suggest that you look at the villages outside Cobham (Fetcham, Bookham, West Horsley) where schools are good, nice community whilst still having good train links and under an hour to Gatwick (traffic permitting but there are ways around the M25). I would also look at Dorking and a few have suggested Reigate but I don’t know that area so well. Alternatively look at Thames Ditton and the Moleseys but that’s a bit closer to town so probably a bit more expensive and further from Gatwick.
    If you’d like to discuss anything please feel free to pick my brains.
    Best wishes, Liz



    Hi Claire

    I used to live in East Horsley, then Guildford, and worked in Cobham as an estate agent, so I know some of those areas fairly well. As you say, they are expensive and traffic getting into Guildford at rush hour from almost any direction is pretty horrendous.

    If you want good access to Gatwick, you might like to think about Horsham which has a lot to offer (including John Lewis) but on a smaller scale than Guildford. There’s a theatre, cinema, a new ice rink, Michelin starred restaurant, along with all the usual suspects, Pizza Express, etc etc.

    It’s very easy for Gatwick and has a direct train to the airport and to London Victoria. Schools are excellent – Millais girls’ school is the best in the county at GCSE and the other Horsham schools aren’t far behind. Heading away from London, you have the South Downs National Park and in half an hour you can be by the coast.

    Cranleigh on the Surrey/Sussex border could also be a good option. As ‘England’s largest village’, as it calls itself, it has a really nice feel to it and lots going on. You can go across country to get to Gatwick but there’s no station so you’d have to go to Guildford or to Farncombe (where you’re more likely to get a seat on the train anyway).

    You’re welcome to have a browse of my website – http://www.propertynotes.co.uk – which is all about all sorts of homes in and around Horsham and the surrounding village as I write the property section in the West Sussex County Times, or just get in touch if you’d like any more info on the area.

    Good luck with your search!



    Driving around areas as you are planning on doing is one of the best ways to try to get an idea. I have ruled out several places through doing that. I’m hoping to move next year.

    Just to forewarn some of the places you have mentioned are more expensive than Guildford so that my write them off your list e.g. Esher. I don’t think you would find Cheam/Sutton green enough, it is quite surburban but does have great transport links. One of the villages is probably a better option whilst still having access to a town/city and it’s facilities.



    Thanks so much for your comments-really appreciated and a few places that weren’t on the list (I hadn’t even heard of!) which is great. We’re going to have a few allocated days driving around and seeing different places so we can get an initial feel for the place and then do more of a deep dive in.
    Thanks again



    Hi, Did you find anything yet? We ended up in Bookham/Leatherhead/Fetcham area as the house prices are good. Schools are good too. It is a slower train into London (but the good thing is that it’s quite empty so always a seat) but definitely not too far from Gatwick. Good schools too. However, I would guess night life is a bit hard to find. Although we always enjoy going to our local pub, or a nearby cinema. But it’s not night life.

    You would need to be in Esher (more expensive) or Dorking. Definitely nice place too! Try Dorking. Good train connections as well from Dorking. Cobham/Oxshott are more expensive and certainly more so than Guildford. Staying near Guildford, such as Shalford and Clandon are worth a look too. There are good senior schools in e.g. Guildford and Effingham, and good primary schools in most places I mentioned. I don’t know about schools in Dorking, as I haven’t looked.

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