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    Hi, anyone able to tell me about North Essex/Suffolk borders. Dedham looks lovely-are their flooding risks/
    What is the commute to London from Manningtree station like? can anyone suggest any other great places to relocate to in this area?



    Hi, I live in Colne Engaine and its lovely. Dedham is a great little town and I hear there is a good community there. The villages in Suffolk/Essex borders tend to be very friendly places indeed. I have really enjoyed moving out and meeting people. I hope that is useful.



    I moved from London to Essex (near Maldon) 21 years ago with 2 very young children & lived in Essex for 13 years & now live in Ipswich, Suffolk. Dedham is very beautiful and pretty near Colchester (good for schools both state and private) and reachable to Suffolk. It does flood but there are no houses on the flood plain. Dedham is slightly higher. If you do live in a village remember you will probably be on oil (expensive normally) and maybe septic tank. You will also spend a lot of time in the car driving your little darlings. The commute from Manningtree is fine and very doable. I use the train a lot to London from Ipswich and luckily it stops at Manningtree. Am happy for anyone to email me jane@janehamerton.com for info on this subject. Saw the post on Twitter so have logged in as a ‘random’. I wont be on here a lot as I run a personalised gift business from home and am very busy. very happy to help and connect people re schools or just info. My biggest tip would be if you are seriously thinking of moving do it when the children are little as it is much easier to meet people and settle.



    Hello and I agree with Jane above, gorgeous area to live. It’s quite fashionable to live in this area so houses are going to be expensive compared to other areas of Suffolk. I’m more in mid-suffolk a bit further West than Jane and it’s pretty rural but still commutable to London. Further down the line from Manningtree is Ipswich and then Stowmarket, still only 1 1/2 to 2 hours on the train into Liverpool Street. The trains are quite old and there are a lot of delays on this line, but they are hoping to improve it over the next couple of years. A high speed train is proposed. We’ve started driving to Westfield at Stratford and getting the Jubilee line in from there, £6.00 a day parking. There are many gorgeous places to eat and drink in and around Dedham with lovely walks and the river for the kids to mess around in. It’s not far from Hadleigh either, which has plenty of local shops and a thriving community including an Adnams shop. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the schools in this area, but I’m sure they can be visited and looked up online. If you need any more help just find me on Twitter @simonshieldcars.



    Flood risks can be assessed through this website – important to think about if you’re wanting to move and need a mortgage and home insurance. Having said that Dedham is lovely and I’ve never seen it flooded other than the river banks encroaching into the neighbouring fields – nothing drastic.

    I’m afraid I don’t really do twitter much, no time, but I’m sure I’d pick up a notification (as I did this time) if you need property advice.
    I moved to Suffolk 20 years ago from Essex, Bow, Whitechapel….so I was a real “incomer”….best thing I ever did 🙂



    Thank you so much for the most informative responses. they have been really helpful and have encouraged me greatly.

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