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    Hi all

    We are moving to a small village in South Somerset near the Dorset border at the end of August. I have a 14 month old little boy and I would love to meet other Mums in the area as I’m sure my son will quickly get very bored stuck at home with me all day (and I might go a little stir crazy too!). Any recommendations for friendly toddler groups etc would be very gratefully received. The prospect of moving and not knowing anyone seems very daunting at the moment!

    Many thanks




    Hi Jenny. I do not have kids, but friends with a baby moved from London to near us in Merriot and found it super easy to tap into the local mum and baby groups. They literally stopped mums they liked the look of in Waitrose and the local shop, and asked them! It seems all the mums were in the same boat, wanting to meet people. where are you moving to? I might know someone local to you to get you started.

    There is a very broad social spectrum in South somerset, and you want to find a group that is full of people that you’ll like. There is a free monthly magazine, available at shops, cafes, Libraries, some supermarkets, called The Marshwood Vale, and it is invaluable as a source of info. There are lots of ads, (mum and baby groups included) and one of the best What’s On sections in the area.

    I do hope you find friends and are as happy as we are living in the area.


    Hi Jenny, we’ve had a couple of people via Twitter asking which village you are moving to. If you can let us know, this might help people respond.




    Suggest you try and get hold of a free magazine – Country Child (@countrychildmag) which lists toddler groups and activities in the area. They also have a website. It’s published 4 times a year, the next copy will be out in September.



    Thank you Sue, will try to get hold of this. Thanks also to others who replied to my post – I did respond but it seems that both my response and your posts have disappeared!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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