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    Hi All

    I wondered if anyone could recommend areas with good state schools? Our children are only just primary school age so we need decent primary schools but my main concern is secondary schools as I feel a good secondary school is most important.

    We have been considering a move out of London for a while but recently my other half has been offered a job in Leamington Spa. We would ideally like to be within commutable distance of London (as a back-up plan) so have started looking at Oxfordshire. Around Banbury would be great for the commute to Leamington and also for a London commute if necessary. Or perhaps villages with a commute via Reading. We’re open to ideas as we don’t know the area at all and we are planning a holiday over Easter to have a look around. I’m keen on outside activities for kids, nice parks, cycle paths or cycling clubs and other sports etc.

    Your help would be much appreciated.



    Have you thought of Thame? Great primary schools and a really good comp plus it is on the Chiltern Line which has trains north to Banbury and south to London, plus it’s almost on the M40 which goes to both it you prefer to travel by car. It’s on the edge of the Chilterns so in the middle of beautiful countryside. We moved her for pretty much the same reasons as you and haven’t regretted it for an instant



    Hi there, I live in Henley and the state primary schools are amazing. Secondary is a little more tricky as you only really have one option. Buckinghamshire is very popular as you have lots of grammar school options, but then you don’t have a river!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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