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    Hi All,

    My Husband and i are looking to move out of London at the end of the year once we’ve sold our current property. We originally thought of the Bedfordshire Area, i especially liked Hitchin, but when we ventured a little further up we came across St Neots. The houses in and around St Neots are considerably cheaper than anything else we’ve seen but what’s the catch….why are they so cheap? We visited the area and it seemed to have most of he things you need i just felt like it was a tiny bit dated. Would it be a suitable place for a young married couple (both 26) to settle down and have a family? Could anyone recommend any other places?
    It’s worth mentioning that until we can get other jobs we will have to commute from London so it needs to be do-able even if just for a couple of months.

    I hope you can help!

    Nikki x



    Hi There
    Happy to help with any information about St.Neots and the surrounding area though I know nothing about Hitchin (sorry!).
    There really is no reason as to why St.Neots is so much cheaper – other than it is a little further away from London. If you wish to commute to London by train then St.Neots is approximately 1 hour away from Kings Cross on the train . The villages nearer to Cambridge tend to be more expensive for obvious reasons.
    Other than St.Neots itself ( which I personally think is ideal for young families and has been much improved in recent years) I would suggest that you look at market towns like Huntingdon and St.Ives – both of these places have great access to Cambridge by road and the new “Guided Busway”. There are a plethora of classic English villages around these towns that night also be of interest if you want an even slower pace of life.
    I’d be happy to arrange for one of my colleagues to speak with you directly if you feel that would help. I don’t want to appear too much like a cliched estate agent – but feel free to make contact and have a chat if that’s what you would like to do! Let me know if you would like my contact details.
    I hope that helps.



    Hi Nikki,

    I don’t know St Neots specifically but would suggest it worth looking at Bedford, and in particular the Castle Quarter’ as a possible destination. I may sound a little biased here as I am an estate agent in the area as well as a local resident but if really offers many of the things you are looking for.
    The streets around Castle Road are lined with Victorian/period houses ranging from 2/3 beds selling at £225,000 upwards to the much larger three-storey semis for £500,000+. There is a good range of local shops (delis, coffee shops etc) as well a growning number of good bars and restaurants in the town. The two biggest draws in my opinion are the Embankment/Russell Park, both on the doorstep of the area and having a fast train service into St Pancras, taking only 35 minutes. Many people of the last few years have made the move from London to find a really great community and an outstanding ofsted-rated lower school (we have the three-tier system at the moment).
    I’m a big advocate of the area and am happy to offer any advice I can.
    Good luck



    Hi Nikki

    My partner and I moved to Huntingdon last year and bought a house there this year. We rented at first to see what it was like after living in London for several years.

    We looked at St Neots originally – it is a nice little town, but don’t let the estate agents convince you to buy at Loves Farm! It looks OK but has had a lot of issues with crime and antisocial behaviour.

    Huntingdon is nice, and only 50 mins from Kings Cross (and you can get a seat at rush hour!) Not far from Cambridge and handy for the A1 too. There are some good schools and the town centre is lovely – but not really a young/trendy place!

    House prices are low because of the distance from London – you can get a 3 or 4 bed detached here for less than £250k. But there is lots of green space and outdoorsy stuff for families and kids (even a crocodile farm at nearby Old Hurst!)

    Good luck.

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