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    My wife recently went to see a house in Shalford which she really liked but was unsure about the village itself. We have been debating between Shalford/Wonersh/Shamley Green/Bramley area but have heard that Shalford is a bit of a commuter village due to it’s location. We love the fact that it is incredibly convenient as I will be commuting every day from Guildford into London but we also want to be in a village where there is a family feel and things going on with that in mind. Can anyone offer any advice on this?

    Without wanting to offend anyone, we felt that the other villages were a bit ‘prettier’ than Shalford and have been told that they have more of a village community feel. That is really important to us, particularly as my wife is a stay at home mother. As we are moving from London, we really want to have young families around us and a village life to get involved in as my wife is already a bit nervous about the move! I get the feeling that house prices are reflected in this with Shalford being a bit cheaper than the villages further out – that is what the agents have said anyway.

    Any advice on local amenities would also be great, such as health/sports/tennis clubs as we have one in London that we use regularly and would like to continue with that, particularly swimming as my daughter loves it.

    If we were to go to one of the villages such as Shamley Green that is a bit further out, how do people get into Guildford to get the train as I understand that parking at the station is a nightmare and can’t really be done.

    Any advice on the above would be hugely appreciated, thank you in advance.



    Hi Tom,
    I grew up in Guildford and have lived in Ewhurst, near Cranleigh for the last 14 years so I know the area well. Very happy to have a think about the details you mention and send you a message with more info but just wanted to say that all of the villages you mention are good areas. Bramley and Shalford both have the main A281 road running through them, which do mean they can be very busy at rush hour with the amount of traffic travelling into Guildford – but how much this affects you will depend on how close your house is to the main road. Always worth coming for a visit at 8am to suss it out for yourself. I have friends in Shamley Green and Wonersh and both are lovely villages, with a lovely shared primary school situated between the two and both have really lovely community-type village shops, nice parks, cricket clubs etc. They’re both less than 20 mins drive into central Guildford.

    I suspect others may know specifics re: best local health clubs etc… I’m trying to think of where there are tennis clubs but I’m sure that a google search will be helpful. There are large leisure centres in Guildford and Horsham, and a reasonable sized one in Cranleigh. There are several health-clubs-at-golf-clubs nearby and I would say that Cranleigh Golf and Leisure is a great one if you’re in Shamley Green or further out this way.

    Depending on how quiet and countrified you’d like your new lifestyle to be, I would say that the further away from Guildford, the less traffic you’ll find and the more relaxed/prettier/community-minded you’ll get (massive generalisation I know, there are always exceptions!)…. your longer commute may be a worthwhile price to pay for the benefits of being somewhere quieter with the family. I used to commute 4 days per week from Ewhurst (up to 2hrs each way door to door!), but instead of travelling to Guildford I drove over Pitch Hill, through Shere and over to Clandon station. It’s the slow line from Guildford via Cobham to Waterloo but I always got a seat, the fare and car parking was cheaper than Guildford and the journey was long enough to make it worth doing a spot of work on the way. It doesn’t work for everyone but plenty of people manage it and it is certainly worth considering. Happy to talk in more detail about that if it helps.

    Best of luck with your plans, very happy to answer any other questions if I can (including if I can help your wife with concerns she may have about raising the kids around here).



    Hi Tom,

    I totally understand where you’re coming from and think that lots of people (including myself and lots of my friends) were concerned about the community element of where they were going to move to. Very hard to tell just by looking round a couple of houses. I have to say, I have friends in Shalford who are very happy there – there is definitely a strong community of young families focused primarily around Shalford Infant School which is very good. Shamley / Bramley / Wonersh / Shamley Green are all very connected socially so your wife will meet people all over once your children are at nursery / school. The nursery that everyone says is excellent is the Montessori at Shamley Green and I know lots of the Shalford children go there. Regarding the pretty factor, the prob with Shalford is that you have the A281 thundering through it which takes away from the fact that it’s actually a nice village with houses dotted around the village green. For quieter villages you would need to look at Wonersh or Shamley Green (although both still have a main road running through them). Bramley is very popular and a great village with lots going on but you need to look at houses away from the A281 which, again, runs straight through the middle of it. If you were prepared to look over towards Godalming more there are some very pretty, quieter villages e.g. Shackleford, Puttenham, Hascombe and Hambledon which all have great communities and your wife will meet lots of like minded mums.

    Re: health clubs etc – Cranleigh Golf Club is where people from Shamley Green are more likely to go, whereas Charterhouse in Godalming is the other one that’s really popular with families. A lot of people also join Surrey Sports Park which is just off the A3 outside Guildford – really fabulous club with amazing facilities and great kids swimming lessons.

    Re: commute from Shamley Green – yes, Guildford would prob be your best bet but you can expect to pay £1600 per annum for parking. The best place to park is Farncombe, just outside Godalming, which has free on street parking in the roads around the station and has a regular 45 commute in.

    Hope that helps – just ask if you need any more info.


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