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    What sort of (boys or co-ed) senior schools would children in Fleet, Hook, Farnborough and Farnham go to? I get a sense that quite a bit of travel is involved. How do parents (and children) manage? Would many children go to the same school, or do they tend to spread out across the region and/or into boarding schools further out?

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    You’re spoilt for choice in Hart, schools across the board at all ages perform above the national average and it would come down to your personal preference.

    Fleets senior schools are Court Moor and Calthorpe, Hook’s senior school Robert Mays is in Odiham, Farnham has 3, Heath End (where my daughter goes) Weydon (excellent results) and All Hallows’ (Catholic). Farnborough schools less renowned at senior level, Wavell, although 6th Form and Technical Colleges are regarded as outstanding.

    Independent schools are Lord Wandswortth in Long Sutton, Silesian in Farnborough, Reading Boys in Reading and the renowned Wellington College in Crowthorne.

    Some of the senior schools have bus pickup points around the area, so,that can take off the pressure, but you can never get away from Mums Taxi 🙂


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    Hi Inge
    Just to add a few more independent schools to the mix – a lot of boys from Farnham/Farnboro/Fleet go to RGS Guildford which is a very academically selective private school. They fill the train up at Farnham in the morning and I know they come from further afield too.
    In Farnham there is also Frensham Heights. In Reading, Leighton Park, The Oratory and Reading Blue Coat. Reading Boys, mentioned by Richard is actually a state grammar school so entry is selective dependent on performance in the 11+. There is also Sherfield School, a relatively new independent school close to the M3 Junction at Hook. Another predominantly boarding school besides Wellington is Bradfield. These are 13+ schools. So yes lots to choose from and many do offer transport which can be very handy in the morning but less so in the afternoon if your child is heavily involved in extra-curricular activities. I grew up in Farnham and my brother and I went to senior school in Guildford and the ‘Mums Taxi’ Richard refers to was much used then as I am sure it is by kids now! For social life as well as after school/weekend sports/music/drama etc etc!!!
    Good luck with your search. My advice (I work with and have visited lots of schools) is go and visit as many as you can. If you find one you and your children love, it might be worth the distance.



    Richard and Ruth,

    Thank you sooo much for doing such a fabulous job describing schools and what it will be like at that age with ‘Mums Taxi’ and all that. Very helpful. I will be visiting lots of schools in the next couple of months, and your posts have really helped me shape that. This is such a lovely community.

    Such great insights to help me complement my own thinking.

    Thank you.



    Inge you might like to look at some of the area’s private schools. Excellent results and not as expensive as you might imagine. Farnborough Hill, Alton Convent, Salesians a Farnborough to name just three. Go to for very comprehensive schools details. Good luck. Andrew Dewar. Owner Burns and Webber

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