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    We are looking at a potential move from SW London to Surrey (East Horsley/Bookham/Cobham area) and I’m currently researching potential schools for my daughter (Y3) who has dyslexia.
    She’s very arty, musical and quite sensitive so would love to find a nurturing school that will support her with maths/English (on which is is a little behind) and strong on arts and sports. Willing to go private (although if v selective/academic would most likely not get in and ideally one that spans both primary and secondary to avoid another big change of school in a few years.

    Thanks so much and hugely grateful for any advice on this.



    Hi fiona. I am in the same situation than you.
    Maybe It will be good for us to chat?

    The schools I have researched so far are : Claremont, Notre dame ( but is faith so DK) WESTEN GREEN.

    I am also very lost on where to go. We are not from Uk so my knowledge is basically London hehe.
    We are currently is private school. My lit one has sensory issues, and very much arty and super musical.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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