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    Hi there. I am in a similar position but not exactly the same. Our son needs the support of a special needs school and wouldn’t cope with mainstream. I will share what I did to see if this helps. I took out from the library the good schools guide (£25) and photocopied the section at the back for special needs schools and then circled the ones for SLD, you would need to do the same for Autism, but it sounds like your child isn’t in need of a special needs school. But you could copy the section for Wiltshire schools so you have all the info to hand. Also, Contact a Family maybe able to offer advice. The statement is a legal doc so the new county can’t just take rights away, however, as you and others have said there are cuts do it get tricky. Hope that has helped a bit. Also i imagine for your child the needs would be either a paired down or lively classroom that needs to be taken into account.



    > Hi There
    > We have just had a look at your website, and read the comments.
    > If you check out the WPCC website, link below, we have all sorts of information to support parents in Wiltshire, with their child’s SEN needs.
    > Depending on when you are moving, you can apply for the Short Breaks Scheme, which is a payment over the year to support with leisure activities and holidays for children and young people with SEN. The Closing date for the full entitlement is 28th Feb, but you can still apply for some of the money after this date.
    > It is likely that your child will attend St Mary’s School, which have a very good resource base for children with additional needs. I would encourage you to contact the school and arrange a visit. The telephone number for St Mary’s is; 01672 513101.
    > Hope this helps.
    > Many thanks
    > Joanna Hiller Culley
    > Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Officer
    > Wiltshire Parent Carer Council
    > 01672 569300
    > email:






    A little update. We are hoping to move at the end of May and I’ve spoken to Barbara, the case officer for Marlborough. To be honest it seems like the process is easier to get a place for my daughter with the statement than it will be for my son without!

    Slightly worried though that until we can give a definite move in date they won’t process much (I can understand why) but I’m quite concerned that we won’t get them into school until September! Eek.



    Hi Jo,
    My daughter has autism and she goes to a mainstream Primary Academy with a specialised learning centre for autistic children near Salisbury/ Wiltshire. She started the reception mainstream class with 50% support from the centre but once we got a statement she was moved to the ASD centre with full support. She is now 9 year old and is doing really well. She loves her school and her friends.
    I hope this information is helpful.
    Rgds, Trudi

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