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    Does Wiltshire council provide good provision of funding for children with Statements? We’re thinking of moving to Marlborough but the one thing we can’t find out much about is whether our 5yo daughter will receive the same level of support she gets in her current primary school. She has a near full time teaching assistant who is very experienced. I guess we’ll have to go through the whole statement assessment again. It feels such a big risk.



    Hi Jo,
    I don’t have any experience of Statements, but I do know that the Primary schools around this area: St Mary’s/St Peter’s, and Preshute in Marlborough; Ramsbury Primary in village of Ramsbury all enjoy a very good reputation. The high school, St John’s is also excellent. We have lived near Marlborough for 15 years and it is a lovely place for families. Good luck in your quest 🙂



    Hi. I’m a teacher living in Lacock. It is my understanding, based on previous London knowledge only, that statements move with the child. How much provision your child will get will be based upon the budget constraints of the local authority (Wiltshire). The best bet is to contact the schools section of the council and pick their brains. Although you may not be able to guarantee that you get your first choice there are some lovely schools in the area, I’m sure you’d find one you like, whether that be mainstream or specialist.
    This may also be worth a look at
    Hope this helps.



    Hi Suzy, from what we’ve read the schools in the area are great but its nice to have that confirmed from someone local.

    Thanks for the link Lucy. It says you have to go through the statement process again which may take 6 months. I guess it can’t be started until our daughter is in school. 6 months without help sounds very scary! I guess better now whilst she’s still young (she’s in year 1 now).




    My nephew has autism and had really good support at his primary and secondary schools in Hampshire, having moved from London at the age of 7; my sister had to go through the statement process again but said that they used the London statement as a basis and he got the same level of support as before. She also says to aim for a smaller primary school, where your daughter will be more quickly known and accepted than in a bigger school. Also, I think that the smaller schools like to have the financial support that comes with the statement (although they might not admit it!!). Good luck!


    Belinda Aspinall

    Someone else has asked me to post a reply of a couple of options of schools
    A very proactive school called Exeter House near Salisbury or Ickneild School in Andover which would be Hampshire.


    Belinda Aspinall

    Another reply from Parent Partnership Service

    We manage the Parent Partnership Service for Wiltshire so, if your
    enquirer would like some independent and specialist support please
    suggest she contacts us on 08457 585072 between 9.30 and 4.30 or and we would be happy to take a referral. Below is
    a link to the relevant pages on our website

    Regarding her specific enquiry, my understanding is that, when she moves
    to Wiltshire, the Local Authority is obliged to honour her daughter’s
    current statement.

    At some point, however, there will need to be a full Annual Review after
    which the statement will be re-written in the Wiltshire format and it is
    possible that the number of support hours will be reduced.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    Sarah Lund
    Information Worker
    Tel: 08457 585072


    Belinda Aspinall

    Belinda Aspinall

    Another reply.

    If you check out the WPCC website, link below, we have all sorts of information to support parents in Wiltshire, with their child’s SEN needs.
    Depending on when she is moving, she can apply for the Short Breaks Scheme, which is a payment over the year to support with leisure activities and holidays for children and young people with SEN. The Closing date for the full entitlement is 28th Feb, but she can still apply for some of the money after this date.
    It is likely her daughter will attend St Mary’s School, which have a very good resource base for children with additional needs. I would encourage this parent to contact the school and arrange a visit. The telephone number for St Mary’s is; 01672 513101.

    Hope this helps.
    Many thanks

    Joanna Hiller Culley

    Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Officer
    Wiltshire Parent Carer Council
    01672 569300




    Thanks Georgie – that’s good to know they take the current statement as a starting point.

    And thank you Bee for those other emails – very informative. Lots of contacts for me to follow up!



    Hello Jo. Good luck with your move to Wiltshire. It looks like you have been given lots of good advice. Just want to suggest that when you have moved you might like to contact the local group of Riding for the Disabled who have much experience of children with autism. You will find the Marlborough Group telephone number on the RDA website. I know you will find them very supportive . Sarah.



    Thank you Sarah. My sister has a horse and we’ve gone up to visit him a few times and Marie has sat on his back whilst he’s been walked up and down a bit and she LOVED it. What a fabulous idea. Thank you so much!


    Belinda Aspinall

    Just out of interest Uta Frith will be on Desert Island Disks (radio 4, 11.15) Sunday 24 Feb. Uta Frith is professor of cognitive development with special interest in autism. Just incase you fancy a listen.


    Belinda Aspinall

    I don’t usually post so often but a few answers have come through on email this time! Here is another for you Jo. Hopefully will be a useful contact.

    ‘Good Morning,
    Our Statutory SEN Service would be happy to have a chat with you about the process and answer any questions you may have directly. You can call 01225 718095 and speak to Barbara – the assistant education officer for this locality.

    Many Thanks,
    Communications Team
    Wiltshire Council.’



    Thank you Bee. We’re concentrating getting our house on the market now (especially as we’ve seen a house we like already!) and I’ll be making those calls shortly.

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