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    Hello I was wondering if anyone could give some advice on schools in Farnham. We are hoping to move down over the next couple of months. My son will start school in September 2014. We’re planning to rent for a year or so and then buy. I can see that South Farnham seems to be the best primary/junior, but I don’t really want to pin our hopes on a school that seems to be oversubscribed. Can anyone recommend an area where there is a lovely local primary which will then lead to a good secondary? All I can do is look at Ofsted results but that doesn’t really tell me if it’s a nice school or not. Whenever I find a good primary it seems to lead to a mediocre junior or vice versa. Any advice would be great! Thank you



    Hi Joanna
    Both my children go to South Farnham, it is an excellent school, but it does not suit everyone. Waverley Abbey is also very good and the deputy head from South farnham now runs Beacon Hill junior school. Most of the primary and junior schools are all good apart from the ones in the Bordon area and i have also not heard great reports of grayshott primary. Junior schools are not the biggest problem though as it is very hard to get into Weydon Secondary school which is the best in the area. You need to love approx 6km from their front door, so please consider this when you are moving. The other secondary schools are Woolmer Hill, Bohunt, Headge End and Eggars. Have a look at where these and what catchment you are in before you move. Attending a ‘partner school’ to the secondary will not guarantee you a place, it is all on geographic. If you have any other questions about areas please do not hesitate. Kind regards, Jane



    Hi Joanne
    My son is going to start school in Sept 2014 too. I grew up in Farnham and we live in Lower Bourne and although within distance required to get into SF Infant this/previous years – not sure we will next year so have been looking at other schools for our other preferences. Lots of the mums at my son’s pre-school have gone for Frensham infants this year which then gives you choice of SF/Waverley Abbey at 7+ at the moment, similarly Tilford and Churt. All lovely villages – in fact we would have preferred to live in one of those but needed to be near station for work. I know people whose children didn’t get into SF but who are at Potters Gate and really like it. As Jane said all the schools in Farnham seem to be good or getting better but it is all about distance for Weydon although they are expanding from 2015 so by the time our children are at 11+ it will be a bigger school. We have friends in Bentley and Crondall where the schools are 5-11 and highly rated but you must live in catchment for Hampshire schools to have a good chance of getting in. Similarly Rowledge which is a Hampshire run school. Sorry I cannot give you personal experience with schools but good luck with the move – happy to help if you need advice on nurseries etc when you do decide where to rent and maybe meet you on the “open day” circuit in the autumn!



    Hi Joanne,
    Rowledge is good too. It goes from Year R to Year 6 and then most children go to Weydon, which is a walk away. Rowledge is a great village on the edge of Alice Holt Forest, with Friday night cricket, a butcher, a post office, a hairdresser and a great local community. The school suits more relaxed parents, but the results are still good. You need to live within catchment generally as it too is really popular. Otherwise St Marys, Frensham is great and leads to South Farnham or Waverley Abbey (both of which are good). Across the border in Hampshire, but only a few miles down the road is Bentley (Yr R – Yr6), which has a fantastic reputation. You are really spoilt for choice!

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