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    Hi, We have recently moved to the area and we are renting in Cobham while we buy and then refurbish a house in nearby West Horsley. We’re also expecting baby no.2 at the end of April so I’m trying to plan as much of the refurb now before life goes a bit crazy!
    As I’m new to the area, I’m looking for recommendations for local suppliers of things like kitchens and bathrooms (both the obvious chains and more local providers), tiles, carpets, windows and bi-fold doors, fireplaces/wood-burning stoves etc.
    Please let me know if you have any ideas of where to go!



    Hi rosanna
    I am a carpenter joiner from esher surrey I own a workshop in cobham and am more than happy to help you with any enquiries you have about suppliers in the area my website is I’m also on Facebook as woodthorpe carpentry if you wanted to check out my work that I have done for clients I’m happy to advise you on the good and the bad look forward to hearing from you
    Many thanks


    Hi Rosanna,

    I might be able to help – I built my own house just outside Guildford a few years ago so have some good contacts.

    Re: kitchens – we actually ended up getting ours from Wickes in Woking – it’s solid wood and has lasted us well (5 years later and it’s still working fine!). Another good option is Howdens who are strictly a ‘trade only’ supplier but if you appoint an independent kitchen fitter they should be able to get you in. They are very good value. They have a showroom in Guildford.

    As a rule of thumb with any of the suppliers, if they have a fancy showroom, you’ll be paying more for their products so you’re better off getting as close to ‘source’ i.e. the original supplier as possible. For our bathrooms and kitchen sink etc we asked our plumber to give us his trade catalogue, chose what we wanted and we paid trade prices on everything as a result. It’s all really good makes that you see in the big retailers, it’s just that by cutting out the middle man you’re not paying any mark up.

    Tiles – there is a huge tile place in Camberley called The Ceramic Tile Warehouse which is good. Carpets, we used a local company who no longer exist so can’t help you there, but I would just look up your local carpet supplier online. Windows and bi-fold doors, we didn’t use them in the end but I’ve heard that Jeld Wen are good – look them up online and you can do a postcode search for local suppliers close by. The other window and door company that I’ve heard are good are – they are in Petersfield so not too far down the A3 but you can see all their products online and they will come out and show you samples etc if you don’t want to go to their showroom.

    Stairs, we used a great company in Wales called Pear Stairs – you can find them online – they were super efficient and the cheapest we found by miles.

    Wood burners, Guildford Stoves are close by to you – I’ve heard that they re good.

    Hope that’s helpful – just shout if you need any more info, I know it’s a minefield out there and it’s hard to know where to start!

    Good luck,




    Thank to both Emma And Miranda – gives me a really good place to start!
    Thanks again for taking the time to respond



    Hi Rosanna,

    Houzz is a good resource of suppliers and ideas. You can set up ‘ideas boards’ (like a scrapbook) and you can search through the listings for suppliers and trades in your area.

    Here’s a link to the main site

    (and to my profile – If you wanted to go down the route of an interior designer, we can do all the running around for you and provide all our trades and suppliers and use them with confidence)

    Good luck sounds like you’re going to be a bit busy, how exciting! 🙂

    All the best 🙂



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