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    Hi folks,

    We’re in the process of moving to Exeter and I’m currently viewing primary schools for my six year old son (Year 2) and three year old daughter (nursery / starts reception next Sept). Does anyone have kids at St Leonard’s and if so what are your thoughts about it? The pre-school has limited space so looked at Munchkins Nursery as an alternative. Be great to hear feedback about that too.

    Very interested in other recommendations as well. Saw Topsham today too. Loved it but there are no spaces in my son’s year.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Thanks, Sophie



    Hi Sophie

    Sorry don’t know your full background so this response might not hit the nail on the head.

    I would choose your primary school based on which secondary school it feeds into. This would be the same whether you intend to go privately for junior school or state primary. Whilst the choice of primary IS important, the choice of secondary is even MORE important.

    I live in South Devon and there are basically 3 main state secondary schools that feed the very south of Devon. 1 you would avoid, 1 which is OK-Good and 1 which is outstanding. Getting your child into a feeder primary school for the outstanding one should be the priority even if you don’t live in the primary school catchment as it gets your child further up the list for acceptance at the secondary school (that’s if you also don’t live in the secondary schools catchment area).

    Whilst your kiddies are little at the moment their primary years fly by and before you know it they will be in year 7 (trust me I have a year 8 and 10 now – scary!).

    Devon County Council will be able to provide you with a list of the secondary school (probably on the website) and which primary schools feed into it.

    Good luck ! I love Exeter, great city enjoy 🙂




    Thanks Susannah for your info. Yes, I’ve been thinking we need to consider secondary as well as I know it will come around quickly. I will start enquiring next week which feed into which.

    I’m feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment as we’re looking for a rental in the areas near the schools and they are very sparse on the ground, especially ones which will accept cats. Starting to panic!!



    Hello. Looks like we’re doing what you have done only a little later! Hope you’ve settled in well.We’re hoping to move to Exeter and live as centrally as possible but would like to know about good Primary schools. I read that you were advised to check out the secondaries that the primaries feed into. If you have the time, would you mind jotting down what you found out about the schools,it’d be grat to get a recent inside track. Cheers, Zoe

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