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    I would really appreciate some local knowledge on primary schools in Coddenham. I went to visit 3 schools and they all seem equally good to me as a parent. However if any one could tell me there views on the local schools I would be very greatful for any local knowledge. I need to apply asap. Thanks.



    I’m living in the local area and our daughter goes to Stonham Aspal Primary School and is about to go to Debenham High School. The feeder schools for Debenham High School are all good schools and adhere to the levels that the high school require. Stonham is one of the bigger schools in the area, with about 200 pupils. The other feeder schools are much much smaller with about 40 – 50 kids and the years are all mixed in together. Stonham have a classroom per year group and one teacher and lots of teaching assistants. The lunch is freshly prepared on the premises. It depends what you’re after for your child/ren. Stonham is big on making the children more rounded and not that big on sport. However, most headchildren at Debenham High School have attended Stonham. if you need any more information let me know.


    Most the local schools are great. Our daughter thrived at Bedfield primary school and we are delighted with Debenham Academy



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