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    We are looking to move to the area just south of Guildford – around the Shalford/Shamley Green area. We recently went to see Longacre school and really liked it for our daughter. She loves the outdoors and is a proper tom boy but she does better is smaller/cosy environments rather than larger set ups.

    I don’t know the area well at all – we went to see Longacre as it was recommended to us by someone else, but are there other schools, both state and independent, that are in that area that I should be going to see? She is not starting until September next year but it would be great for any advice on this. Many thanks in advance.



    Hi Tom

    I don’t have much experience of the private schools sector as both of my children are in state education. Local state infant schools are all good and worth a look – I have no direct experience of Shalford or Chilworth infant schools but I know that the Wonersh & Shamley Green school is really lovely (and now runs up to year 6 too after recent amazing investment and expansion). I have many friends who have put their little ones into state infant school and then moved them to independent schools at year 3. I have friends with kids at Longacre who love it…

    Not sure that is much help but didn’t want to leave your message without a reply! I could pass your query on to friends who know the independent schools better than me if that would help…

    Best wishes,



    Hi Tom,

    My suggestion will be to go and see as many schools as possible. We are spoilt for choice here. Personally, I don’t have experience with many schools and can’t comment. My daughter is at St.Catherine’s in Bramley, and it is a perfect fit for my girl. I couldn’t haven been happier. School is very nurturing, supportive, exciting and respectful of their own little (or big!) personalities. Would recommend it without hesitation.
    Best of luck,


    Hi Tom,

    As Claire suggests, I would seriously consider the local state options as well as private. Shamley Green is a fab school, as is Shalford Infants. The good thing about sending your children to the local school is that it is very much part of the community so you will meet tonnes of people all living within a few streets of each other – a great way to make new friends.

    A lot of people (including myself) do state primary and then switch to private at 11.

    In terms of other private junior schools there is also Cranleigh Prep which is very good and worth a look. Also check out St Hilary’s in Godalming which is very popular.

    Good luck!



    Surrey Mummy

    Hi Tom,

    Two of my daughters are at Longacre. They have been incredibly happy there, having started off elsewhere. Longacre is an ever evolving school, always keen to try new things whilst maintaining a super pastoral side. The teachers are just the kindest and most understanding people! We’ve experienced other schools too (also private) but Longacre suits our daughters to a tee, whilst our eldest is elsewhere.

    Both are bubbly girls with a great sense of fun but also have a sensitive side. Longacre has given them a lot of confidence and has been great for their self-esteem, drawing out their characters and allowing them to feel happy in their own skin.

    I don’t know much about the state school in the area myself, but don’t hear many negatives whilst I’m out and about.

    If you do move over this way, you may found my website useful whilst your getting to know the area

    Good Luck! Penny



    We moved to Hindhead just south of Guildford and bought a house right by the A3 sliproad with amazing road links but still feeling ‘in the country’ and without the Guildford queues. It’s boardered on 2 sides by St Edmunds school and over the road is The Royal School. I don’t know anyone that’s been to The Royal School but St Edmunds is amazing.
    Perfect place to live with excellent access to Guildford and London. We’re on the move south again so if anyone is wanting the #1 property for access to London our house is about to come on shortly with an agent called ‘Homes’ in Hindhead. Ask them about ‘Log Cottage’.
    St Edmunds takes both boarders and day students and always has amazing after school activities and events such as firework night. The kids are very friendly and the head master Adam often walks past, he would be happy to show you around as it’s really nice. Takes children from aged 2 – 16.
    Hope that helps.



    Hi there, I live in Henley and the state primary schools are amazing. Secondary is a little more tricky as you only really have one option. Buckinghamshire is very popular as you have lots of grammar school options, but then you don’t have a river!

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    I don’t know much about the state school in the area myself, but don’t hear many negatives whilst I’m out and about.

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