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    Hey all

    I’m new to the forum and not sure how active it still is?
    My husband and I have decided we want to relocate to North Devon from South Hertfordshire (just outside London, still inside M25). Ideally (and this is in a perfect world), we’d like to be looking at moving between July – September 2019 so our eldest can get into Year 5 at a primary school and make friends before going onto secondary.
    We assume we will be in the middle of a chain unless buying a house with no upper, so can anyone with experience of moving give us some idea of the best order to do things in?
    We will have yo find new jobs too. Anyone with experience of doing this? Did you find work easily, and if not how long did it take? Do you advise searching for a job as soon as you have a buyer? When would you request a place in schools near your new house?
    Sorry for all the questions! Thanks if you read this far.



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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