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    Can anyone tell me what Norwich School is like? It looks very impressive on the website and the academic results are outstanding. What are the sports facilities like? etc etc. Have sons and daughters, only one of which is in senior school. Where do children go before moving to Norwich School at 7? Thanks.



    Norwich School is a terrific school. Highly academic it achieves the best results because it only takes the brightest kids, but those that get in have the best opportunities. Town Close, Norwich is a stream school for it. Its traditionally been a boys school – girls were catered for at Norwich High School for Girls which is also a top of the tree school. Neither are cheap but you wouldnt expect them to be. Good alternatives are Wymondham College which takes a slightly broader spectrum of abilities but is very hard to get into as a day pupil or Greshams in Holt which offers all the opportunities of a top public school but has a slightly wider focus for entry. My eldest son got into Norwich but didnt enjoy it so we had to move him – that’s not a fault of the school necessarily – it just didnt suit my son. At the end of the day the school has to be right for the child no matter what its reputation – my boy thrived in a school (that has since sadly closed) with lower academic expectations despite being more than capable – he simply didnt enjoy the competition at Norwich – preferred to be top of the class in the year above his age group in his new school than fighting it out with his peer group at Norwich! If I can help further please do ask.



    I have a son who is at The Norwich School and it has suited him. He went in year 9 (and is now in year 11) and was at a prep school(day and boarding) called Beeston Hall which is fantastic as well. He slotted in and made friends very quickly. Beeston takes them from 7 -12/13. There is also the junior part of the Norwich school where they can start at 7. There is also Greshams pre prep which takes then from younger as Kay mentioned. depends where you live. There is also Thorpe House /Langley /Taverham and several other alternatives. If you want to ring me to discuss please let me know. we have found it a very happy friendly school but it is academic and they do expect the results. Another point to bear in mind is that Greshams is now doing the IB rather than A levels as from 2015 but still worth looking at, it seems to be a good school and again gets the results. Norfolk is wonderful!



    Thank you Kay and Anna – lots to think about! Lucy



    Hi Lucy,

    As a former pupil of Norwich School (and trying not to be too biased hehe) I can’t praise Norwich School highly enough! I attended the school from the age of 10 right though to the end of 6th form. Academically, we were always scoring highly in all tables. The staff were (and still are) simply fantastic. Even now after 10yrs, I still go back to open days and all the teachers remember me. It’s a real community.

    I struggled in some subjects and it was picked up really quickly by the teachers who went above and beyond to help me. That was also the case when I suffered from ME during the run up to GCSEs.

    There is also a huge array of other non academic things to get involved in. Sport, music, drama, etc… The school owns two very large sports fields. One next to the lower school, and one just outside Norwich (they have their own fleet of buses to take pupils there). They also have astro turf hockey pitches and about 5-6 tennis courts (where they also play netball etc). There is a good selection of “main/core” sports (rugby, hockey and cricket) but also cover just about all other sports too. I used to play badminton, golf, and even clay pigeon shooting! They also have a superb indoor sports hall which also has a full gym suite too.

    When I was there, we had girls in the 6th form only, but it’s changed a bit now and gone completely co-ed which I think is a definite bonus! I think co-ed schools are much better. Especially when it comes to keeping boys focused in class!

    As Anna mentioned, Greshams is another large school (and a keen rival to Norwich School – especially on the sports field hehe!) Having spent some time there socially, it certainly is a lovely setting and, of course, there’s the boarding option which might suit some people. I don’t think I would have liked to have been a boarder though. Personal choice I guess… Plus Greshams commands a much higher fee due to the boarding of course. There’s also Langley school which is another great school in the area. Very much en par with Norwich School these days. It’s in a bit more of a rural setting which I quite like the idea of.

    Bottom line is that if I’m ever lucky enough to have kids, I will definitely be shortlisting either Norwich or Langley…

    Welcome to Norfolk! It’s the best place in the world! 🙂

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