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    Hi All,
    I’m planning to move with my husband to Surrey and I was wondering if you can give me any advice on nice areas. We live in London currently but we think it’s time to get a better house for our money and escaping from the stress of the big city it’s not such a bad idea. We are a couple with no children yet and we would like to find a nice place close to farmers’ markets, green areas and some shops. We both work in London so we are also looking for areas where we can have a short drive to the train station and the journey to London don’t takes us more than 45 mins.

    Many thanks.


    Hi Rita!

    My name is Nathalie Webb and I work for Boyce Thornton estate agents. We specialise in selling/letting homes in Cobham, Oxshott or Claygate.

    I personally have lived in the area for 30 years, was schooled here and am now also raising a family here.

    Whilst there are many areas that are lovely in Surrey, my advice would be to stick to Elmbridge. Within only 45 mins (by car) and 45 mins (by train) to London Waterloo it’s a natural move for people coming from London.

    Cobham is considered a village, but by size is a town. We have a large mix of cosmopolitan shops, cafes and restaurants, in my opinion it’s a but like a mini Northcote Road in Clapham but minus the Jack Wills! As in Cobham as well as Oxshott and Claygate you’re never more than 5 mins to open fields and with open fields come great country pubs.

    Claygate again is a village with a smaller parade of shops and a cracking butcher!

    Oxshott is a very small village with only a small number of shops to its name including a butcher, two pubs, hairdresser and petrol station.

    There are visiting farmers markets weekly around Elmbridge offering locally sourced produce.

    I know that there are only two of you at the moment but as and when that time comes your perfectly placed for both state and independent schools as well as top notch nurseries.

    I hope this helps you a little bit but should you wish to discuss it any further please do not hesitate to call me on 01932 868448.

    Good luck!



    Hi Rita – we did exactly that some 14 years ago. Surrey is a great place to move to and Nathalie’s areas are all lovely – though “a better house for your money” may be hard to find – the nice areas are just as expensive as London. We are in East Horsley – same line as Oxshott and just a bit further out. Great schools, lovely area. Do make sure you check the Local Development plan wherever you move to …the local councils here are under pressure to build houses and have targeted the Green Belt. If they get the go ahead the area you choose may change completely. Just make sure that’s covered in your search.

    Much further out that KT24 makes the commute a bit tough so I would heed Nathalie’s advice – or you can go as far as Guildford and get a faster train back into town.

    Good luck with your search!



    Thank you Nathalie and Su for your answers. I will have all your tips in mind. I’m planning to rent for now and give it a try to the area and also to the “country side of life”. I’ve been living in a city since ever and this is going to be a big change.

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    We did the same just this summer and love it. We ended up in Bookham/Effingham area, mainly because of schools and the train connection. A good choice would also be just South of Guildford (Shalford), as you can take the train in Guildford, or just North of Guildford such as Worplesdon or Pirbright (as there is a fast connection from Woking, and perhaps Woking is easier to park than Guildford).

    Depends how rural you want to go. There’s also a fast connection from Haslemere so anywhere near Haslemere might work as well, and is certainly more rural than Cobham/Oxshott/Claygate.

    Dorking may be a good choice too, with a train connection to Victoria, rather than Waterloo.



    Hi Rita

    Four years ago I faced the very same dilemma, I had lived and worked in the Wandsworth Borough for many years, two boys were in there early teens, wanted to move out but didn’t want to bury myself in the deep countryside, I also needed to commute back into London, there really isn’t much difference in price or type of property until you get to Surrey so I drew a commuter arc from Claygate to Carlshalton ponds all about 25-40 mins commute, on my travels I ended up in Cheam Village, still sort of Village like, but now with a Waitrose Its a charming place and the prices are still very affordable compared with SW London, fast train into Clapham Junction takes 20 mins normal one 38 always get a seat which makes you feel quite smug as you arrive at Carshalton, this area also has an abundance of top quality schools both state and private. Epsom College, Ewell Castle on the private front, Glynn School possibly the best state, we fell in love with the place when we had supper at Mimi e coco a super Italian restaurant with an eccentric owner, good luck with your search



    Hi – We, my husband and son, moved to Margate 3 yrs ago from south east London and have never looked back!! There are amazing train service, reasonable housing, beautiful country, lots of green space. There are some huge importance properties and it’s within trouble-free reach of London by both road and rail.

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