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    I’ve finally given in and agreed to move to Somerset, a lovely village about 8 miles from Taunton. I grew up in south west london but hubby grew up in Somerset. We have a child thats just started school. I am quite nervous about the change in lifestyle, we have friends and family in London and only know some family and a handful of others in Somerset. We’ve found a beautiful house that we’d no way be able to get in London and a lovely school for our daughter.
    I want our daughter to breathe fresh air and be able to run about fields, ride her pony etc without worrying. I know she and my husband will be fine and happy but i’m worried i will be lonely. I have flexible working in london and i will likely have to come in at least once a fortnight, possibly a little more often depending on what is happening. I think i will struggle with having to drive everywhere instead of using the tube, but thankfully my parents live in SW london so i have somewhere to stay when i do come in.
    My question is has anyone else done the move and been happy? how did you find the move and meeting new people. I’m 37 and have an active social life here, although this is getting quieter nowadays.What did you do to meet people? Are PTAs in the schools active?


    One of our members shared this advice:

    Village life is bustling in Somerset with so much to do!!! The village halls are all well used with clubs and societies and you will find that schools have PTAs. Especially if your daughter rides, she & you can get involved in the life at the stables.
    Grab the local parish mag & see what is going on.
    You will find that, unlike London, being in the same room/field/bus/shop/playground leads to conversation in Somerset. People chat very easily and will be glad to let you know of what is going on!!
    Without knowing the village you are moving to I cannot be more specific! I moved from London 16 years ago with small children and they have enjoyed the fresh air, beaches and availability of so much to do!
    Join in and you will soon have many friends! Good luck!



    We moved to Weston-super-Mare about 5 years ago and, whilst not a village, I agree there is so much to do here you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t move sooner! We don’t have children so can’t speak for schools, PTAs etc, but we find that whatever your interests or budget you’ll soon find like-minded others. When working in London all I seemed to do was get up, commute, work, commute, cook a meal, TV, bed then start all over again. Here it’s home before 5.30 pm, eat then off out again. We just don’t stop from one day to the next and love it. When you know where you’re going to live check out the social media for that area – there are usually local community groups of some sort and also Nextdoor. Start following them and also any specific to interests you and your family may have to get a feel for what is going on, even subscribe to the local paper or parish mags. Follow people, groups, pubs etc on Twitter & FB then when you’re ready start to get in touch, interact online then arrange to meet up in real life – that’s what we did and you’ll soon fit in. Hope that helps.



    Thank you so much for your replied. This has been very helpful. We’re looking to move to Churchinford, near Taunton. It seems to be a veritable hub of social activities in the area and the people I’ve met in the village are just lovely. I’m still a little nervous about it, but now its mainly because I will be living so far from my side of the family but this will likely be something we get used to – especially as we will have much more space to house everyone when they visit!



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