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    After searching for a couple of years west of London in commuter belt we are now moving to a village just west of Cambridge. What i don’t understand is why more people don’t?!
    The commute will be 40 mins (from Royson) into KingsX
    there is an outstanding school in the village, along with a gastro pub, fairtrade cafe, deli, etc
    It has the second best second best secondary state school in the country (or numerous excellent private shools)
    Beautiful houses and better value than going west,
    Ok, so its a bit flat, but is there something I am missing? Or have I just blown a very well kept secret?!



    Hi Hattie, we moved from London to a village near Royston nearly a year ago. We absolutely love it here and are yet to discover any big downside. Good luck for the big move x



    Thanks for responding Jane, thats really good to hear. x



    Hello Hattie, even people in Hertfordshire don’t visit Royston – lots drive through on the A10 on their way to Cambridge (only 13 miles away which is a great distance by car or rail)

    That’s their loss – we’ve been here for 20 years and love it. We have Therfield Heath (not flat!) a jewel in the crown and area of special scientific interest – walks from the door, an underground cave, and a Royal Palace! Town pubs are not brilliant (there used to be 47) but made up for by great pubs in the villages.

    If you like travelling, we’re 45 minutes drive from two international airports (Luton and Stansted) 15-20 minutes from 2 motorways (M11 and M1) and a short hop (via Stevenage) up north and down south by rail.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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