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    Hi, we are looking to move from London to Bournemouth/Poole in the next 6 months. Does anyone know what the following roads are like, Davies Road BH12, Wroxham Road BH12 and Surrey Road BH12. We are also interested in other surroundings roads in the BH12 area and would welcome and tips and advice on this area. Also any advice on local Junior and secondary schools close to the BH12 postcode.



    Hi Steven, if you are planning to move to Dorset, its always good to do your research first. BH12 is a competitively priced area to live in versus nearby Branksome Park and Westbourne. Surrey Road typically offers flats versus houses with some great options looking onto Bournemouth Upper Gardens. There are good grammar schools in Poole and Bournemouth, but you will need to take the bus. You can look at local agents like YOUhome and current properties for sale in BH12 here Good luck with your move – you’ll love life on the coast we’re sure.



    I don’t live in Bournemouth but was brought up in Poole (Parkstone) and go back very frequently as have family there. i also went to Talbot Heath School very near where you are looking at property.

    Surrey road is a rat run from memory so I would check this out in rush hour before committing to a property. Some of the roads down the back of Branksome station are quite steep hills so bear this is mind (it may not bother you). Davies road is moving more towards Parkstone than Branksome so I would check out catchment areas of schools if that is an issue.

    Not sure of your budget but check out areas like Lower Parkstone if you can afford, it’s lovely, has some cute shops and is closer to other amenities such as Poole Park/baiter recreation ground and so on.

    In terms of secondary schools then you are lucky to have Grammar schools in Poole – Parkstone (Girls) and Poole (Boys) and Bournemouth. These of course require entry exams. Only know junior in BH14 so can’t help further than that I’m afraid.




    I’m new to this so hopefully I’m using it right.

    Me, my husband and daughter have been looking to move else where and Bourmouth , Poole or Winchester has caught our eye.

    Can anyone shed some light on what it’s like raising kids there?

    Is there enough to do in terms of amnenities for kids..?

    Also are there decent shopping malls theatres cinema etc..?

    Also we are looking for advise on the best independent prep schools in all three of these areas..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.




    Hi Lisa

    I did post above but thought I would add.

    I’m from Poole originally but now live in London.

    In terms of things to do it really is an outdoors life, you have fabulous beaches, parking can be a bit of a nightmare so get there early in the summer but they are lovely…. and free! What can be better than going to the beach after school when you are young? There is the ferry over the the purbecks for walks, pub lunches and so on.

    I would not exactly say there is a shopping mall as such, as Londoner I would not cope very well now. Bournemouth has something called castle point with a large M&S and various other shops. Bournemouth itself has a couple department stores and most other things you will need.

    Tower Park has a cinema complex so other things for kids. To be honest there is loads.

    In terms of schools you might want to research secondary and then look for feeder. Poole and Bournemouth have Grammar schools which are popular. I went to Talbot Heath (all girls) and Buckholme Towers (in Parkstone). There are a couple good prep schools in Wimbourne which are great feeders for places like Bryanston, Canford and so on.

    I don’t know much about Winchester however do know you will get much more for your money in Poole/Bournemouth.

    Hope this helps and sorry you have not had more responses.

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