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    Having looked for about 2 years, and talked about moving out for much longer, we are finally buying outside Bicester. We searched commuter belt from Hampshire round to Cambridgeshire and have found prices round Bicester suspiciously low…am I missing something?! Villages are pretty, commute less than an hour, village school outstanding, grammar system for secondary, rural feel, but we can get so much more house and garden for our money. I have checked that the HS2 won’t run through the bottom of the garden, but it isn’t that…is it just that it goes into Marylebone?
    Thank you!



    Congratulations! You have identified a good spot. No need for suspicion. Welcome to Oxfordshire!



    This is the area we are hoping to move to as well in a year or two.

    Am not sure where you have found a house, but I did hear a rumour a while ago about planning permission being granted for a wind farm near Junction 10 of M40… Am not sure of details at all but worth investigating…



    Yes, big wind farm (5 enormous turbines) planned for J10 of the M40 (on the Oxford side) – probably will happen, but there are a few planning permission hoops to go through. We live in Fritwell and love it here – 15 mins to Bicester North and the motorway. Not very rural perhaps, but just on the edge of the Cotswolds.



    We were originall looking around Bicester as the trains links are great to London. We didn’t find a house and are nearer Burford way but check re Wind farm and also sound of M40. Go at different times and check if you can hear it. It’s all about wind direction apparently! That’s the advice we were given. No-one has mentioned Bicester Village yet….I meet my mates from London there for a day trip! Bicester not as rural maybe but if you neeed to be in London it’s worth bearing the commute in mind… it’s not always sunny in the Cotswolds and those January mornings you’ll welcome a shorter journey. Great areas all around you as well and we are very happy here.



    Bicester is a lovely town, which has so much going for it! It is one of the 4 eco towns in the UK and all teh local councils are really supporting and promoting sustainable living. there are also so many projects hopefully happening in Bicester in the next few years, like the Evergreen 3 rail upgrade for connecting to Oxford or the East-West rail.
    You should check out this website



    Hello! Not mad keen on Bicester per se but there are some lovely villages around it. Please note that Bicester is in Oxfordshire and there are no grammar schools in Oxfordshire. It is close to the border of Buckinghamshire however – perhaps you are actually looking at a house in Bucks? I believe there are grammar schools in Buckinghamshire. Bicester North to Marylebone commute is fantastic and the station now has more parking etc. It’s about the last place to get a seat on the journey into London. Marylebone the nicest station surely?! Would double check your house location….


    If anyone needs help finding a house in this area then get in touch. I have just found a house for a client that is not on the open market within 5 miles of Bicester. Also looking for another house up to £2.5m for another client just further north around Brackley – Any ideas?



    I am a property finder in Oxfordshire and Bicester and the villages around it in particular are becoming increasingly popular , largely because of the excellent rail/motorway links and the value for money for property when compared with Oxford and the Cotswolds. The site for the wnd farm is close to the village of Fewcott near j10 on the M40.

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