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    Hello everyone,

    I’m planning to move from London with my family. Since my 2 lovely children have been born me and my wife decided to move out London because we think it will be better for them. The problem is that we have already developed rubbish removal business based in London and I still don’t know where will be the best for us to go. Please if someone can give an advice we’ll be very grateful.



    Hi Taylor,

    Would you consider commuting back into London for work or would you try to take your business with you?




    Wow big question. You can go North east South or west of London and have gorgeous places to live.
    I think you need a menu of parameters to work with such as;

    The task of trying to find a property in half a dozen different locations is almost impossible You need to narrow it down to a favourite location (e.g. surrey or Hants Berks)

    Distance from London
    Price you can afford to do this get your property valued and check out accurately what mortgage you can get.
    Accommodation you desire
    Availability of that accommodation within that price band in a chosen area
    Schools there
    Local facilities – is local shop and post office enough to be close to or do you want to be close to/in, a big town e.g. Woking Guildford, Hemel Hempstead, Chingford etc
    Do you have any family in any of the Home Counties

    These are a few key things that you need to get your mind round initially. Doing so will save you weeks months maybe of time chasing the wrong areas.

    If you are coming to surrey let me know i have 21 offices covering residential property in Surrey




    Have a look at East Devon. I live in Beer which is a great village with a lovely primary school. For cheaper house prices look at Seaton which is up and coming. There is a great secondary grammar school as well in Colyton. I no longer have young children however there are lots of families down here and a great social network called Lyme Bay Ladies on Facebook.
    Happy to help further if you do some research and want to visit the area.



    Your request is quite common the desire to move out of London not knowing where to start the process. I would use a three step approach.
    1, I would start with train times, i.e what would you be prepared to spend time commuting. For example below are rough commute times from Buckinghamshire.

    Beaconsfield Marylebone 22 -29
    Gerrards Cross Marylebone 20 -26
    High Wycombe Marylebone 30
    Princess Ris Marylebone 38
    Sauderton Marylebone 44
    Aylesbury Marylebone 60
    Wendover Marylebone 52
    Great Missenden Marylebone 46
    Haddenham/Thame Marylebone 46
    Amersham Marylebone 39
    Marlow Paddington 1 hr 10min

    2, Once you have considered your commute then type in any of the property search engines what your purchase budget will get you within the areas you’d consider.

    3, Then look up school league tables and crime statistics and finally connect up with net mums or such like to gain a locals perspective.

    I hope this helps. Sharon



    If you want an amazing lifestyle where children can enjoy a real old fashioned childhood playing on the beach and somewhere that has a very low crime rate, great community spirit and where you get an enormous amount of property for your money, then come to West Wales. It sounds as though your type of business would be transferable out of London so, if this is something you feel you would consider, we would be happy to help you find somewhere. Take a look at our website or do feel free to give me a call on 01834 862816. Kind regards, Carol


    One of our County Contacts suggests:
    “I would suggest Bath or surrounding countryside. 90 minute commute shortening to about 70 minutes once electrification of the line is finished, probably too far or near Chippenham ten minutes closer to London Paddington.”



    It makes sense to go somewhere near London so you can initially keep your London clients whilst building up clients in your local area.
    If you pick up rubbish, does it mean you are driving into London? In that case you need to check Google Maps for a couple of weeks to see how long it would take to drive into London and what time you would have to leave to beat the traffic. I have found narrowing it down starting with travel times worked best for us (train stations and airports were key for us).
    We had no ties to any area outside of the M25, so could go anywhere. Not easy. Then I realised I wanted to stay in touch with our friends in South-West London. They would probably travel to Surrey or Berkshire, but certainly not to Kent or Essex. Once you have narrowed down the rough area like this, you can start checking out schools. E.g. Kent and Buckinghamshire/Berkshire? still have the selective grammar school system, which may or may not be what you want.
    Also you need to decide how much you want to be in the car. In general: the further out from London the less facilities nearby. That means that dropping kids off at school, doing grocery shopping, and taking kids to play dates could all involve lots of driving. A friend of mine moved to Suffolk and found she spend several hours per day in the car! Do check out which facilities you intend to use and where they would be (post office, bank, dry cleaners, shoe shop, children’s sports kit, large grocery store). Or just decide you will do those things on line, or when you are in London for your business anyway.
    Perhaps, from a business perspective it makes most sense to check what your business needs. Each county and council will have different rules for rubbish collection and recycling centres (paid/unpaid) which may impact your potential client base. Who are your competitors in this area.
    Trust me, in any of the home counties you will definitely find good schools. But I don’t have any experience with schools further out.
    We drove around a lot too. But most of it was useless. We should have first narrowed down the area/county, then checked out schools (including senior schools! Didn’t want my child to spend over an hour on a bus at age 14).
    Hope this helps.

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