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    I am considering a move to the New Forest, where my partner lives.
    Although it’s a beautiful place, I am scared that I won’t find like minded people. I’m originally from the countryside but have lived in London for almost 20 years, soI’m definitely more used to city life and being surrounded by a mixture of cultures and things to do.

    I guess I’m looking for some reassurance and hearing from people that have made the move. I also don’t have children yet, so I feel this may make things harder in terms of making friends.

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone that can give me some advice or words of wisdom!



    In new areas, children and the school gate are a great ice breaker. You will find the Forest quite insular, but only due to lots of small communities and there can be a reluctance to engage unless you get out there! By persevering, once on the inside, it is utterly appealing to be surrounded by a National Park, but only chose it if you are going to use what you are living in. i.e. walking, country pursuits, sailing and there are lots of budding artists drawn to the countryside, who have their own community. It is different from city living in every aspect, but don’t judge it on city living, you need to open a new chapter. I have always found people struggle for the first 18 months to 2 years, but if they embrace everything, will never go back. Also, make sure how strong the relationship is with your partner..has a big bearing. Sorry if that is stating the obvious, but it is people that make a home


    Belinda Aspinall

    Hi Sarah,

    We moved from suburban London to the New Forest where my partner was born and brought up. I’d previously always lived in suburban London. If you’re looking for like-minded people it depends on your mindset whether you will find them – some mindsets are more common than others! We don’t have children but have no problem making friends – both local neighbours and through hobbies. With support from your partner and your previous countryside experience I think you’ll get along just fine.

    As you will know the countryside tends to be a bit slower in terms of making friends, but also a bit more sincere and long term – I have some wonderful neighbours who were cheerfully tolerant of my lack of understanding of local ways; and now also many supportive friends in my local area. I was surprised to find that quite a few locals are ‘incomers’ – often from suburban areas – who value the quality of life in the New Forest. New Forest house prices are high so often it is folks from other more expensive housing areas that can afford to move here. If you’re moving into your partner’s place you’ll have the advantage of their support and local knowledge – but little choice over where you live. If you and your partner are planning to move anew then my advice would be to try to move inside the National Park area where there is unlikely to be quite so much new development as just outside the National Park.

    There are excellent restaurants and pubs around the New Forest, and plenty of country activities; I’m told Bournemouth has a thriving night life and Southampton I know has mega shopping malls and a good music, arts and cultural base.

    If your partner already lives in the New Forest why not try it out for a while? Keep your current London place on, but try a little break down here. The quality of life is good, it really is a beautiful place and if you do move down to the New Forest you may well find that a lot of your London friends would love to visit you!

    Cheers, Stephen


    A message from a friend on Twitter:

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