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    Hi. We’re in the throes of buying a house in (South) Farnham and are looking at schools for DD1 who is in currently in Y1 in a lovely state school in SW London. DD2 has just started nursery there and is due to start Reception in September 2015. Only thing is that all the state primary schools – and Infant feeders into South Farnham – are full. Eek. The only exception is Pilgrim’s Way, which I visited last week. Does anyone have any views on this school? Its last ofsted report was poor and tbh, although I was impressed with the current head (south farnham’s deputy), I really wasn’t bowled over. As a result, we are now looking at independent schools (which can take both with none of the stress of the state application process) with a view to applying to Infant and Junior schools in Farnham in January 2015 when we are a bit more of an even keel (or not!) We have visited Alton Convent which seems great (but 10 miles away so am concerned about DDs finding some Farnham friends). Edgeborough seems v nice and close by but I have heard from various sources that it’s a bit snooty. Barfield was going to be my next stop. Any thoughts on any of these schools – or any others – gratefully received! Feeling a bit stressed! 😉



    Hi there
    I think you should visit Edgeborough and Barfield. I don’t think one is necessarily snootier than the other – they just have a different feel which you will get when you visit. I have friends who currently/recently have sent their children to both schools and been happy. Traffic in Farnham in the mornings is a nightmare so accessibility should be a consideration. Other options – if you are South then Frensham Heights, St Edmund’s at Hindhead and The Royal School Junior School on outskirts of Hindhead are worth a look. Also St Nicholas’s on the way to Fleet but you will probably need to cross town.
    Re: infant schools, I would check the South Farnham website and St Andrew’s as they are currently consulting on proposed changes to their admissions policies for 2015 entry tp Reception. South Farnham want to introduce a distance to either site for entry at 4+. they tried to do this for 2014 entry but it was overruled by the Schools Adjudicator so there is no guarantee it will be agreed for 2015 but it does mean things are up in the air a bit. I understand there will be an extra class at the infants in 2015. For what it is worth, I visited all the infant/primaries in the Autumn as my son starts schools this Sept and my daughter in 2015 and I think they all have their pluses/minuses. In some ways the schools that are under closer supervision from Ofsted seemed to be doing more exciting and innovative things in teaching and learning (which I have seen from being a governor at an infant school in another town which went from Special Measures to Good in 12 months). Some of the little infant schools had a lovely feel but lack the facilities/resources of the bigger schools. Farnham is a lovely town. I grew up here, went away as an 18 year old to uni did the London thing then came back before we had children. Hope your move goes smoothly and I would just go visit some of the schools to see what you think.



    An extra perspective as the other comment made was comprehensive. If the private route is best at taking the pressure off you, you will find that Barfield has a more outdoorsy/softer pastoral side and is a little less academic, whereas, Edgeborough has always been seen as a more driven school and has developed a reputation rightly or wrongly because of that. Both are on the edge of Farnham, so make sure you aim both for the same school, as in rush hour and sunny summers days, the Hogs Back and Farnham by pass are a nightmare, causing rat runs all over Farnham. If you arent committed to actually living in Farnham, have you looked at Bentley School, if not, it is worth while. The schools at Hindhead are good and as long as you live on the south side of Farnham are accessible and keeps options open for the future.



    Hi as a governor of Alton Convent I am probably biased! However go to and have a look at the excellent schools data there. Gives a pretty comprehensive picture.

    Going back to Alton Convent for a moment, buses do run from Farnham. Over many years they have consistently had excellent academic results and they are very strong on helping to create fantastic “human beings”


    Before you rule out the state option, have you considered Waverley Abbey in Tilford as an option? It’s about 10 minutes drive cross country from South Farnham and has an excellent reputation. My daughter will be going there (hopefully!) in September. It’s in a lovely rural setting and – having been built originally as a secondary school – has excellent facilities and masses of outdoor space. Academically, it does well with many children going on to Weydon in Farnham or private for secondary. It’s particularly hot on extra curricular activities and offers a huge selection of clubs both at lunchtime and after school. The head has been there for a couple of years and is very ambitious and driven. We were very impressed so do highly recommend a look around.



    Thank you all for your responses. Very helpful. Unfortunately, the mad rush is no more. We were due to exchange in this week and move in 2/4 weeks but we got a call from our solicitor on Thursday to say that the vendors were in the process of exchanging with another party. We had no idea that we were in a contracts race so are feeling very hard done by and disappointed :-(. Our move is now on hold until we find something else. It may be that we stay put for a little while longer!


    Hi Bigbrownbear!
    Since your last post you may now have things under way, but if not I might be able to help. I have lived in South Farnham for many many years, both my kids have been through the local school system and I’d be happy to offer any guidance. I am also a Property Search Consultant and have excellent connections with the Farnham property market and agents. Together we can find you the right property in the right area, and ensure you don’t get caught up in any of the silliness you have just experienced.
    Please take a look at my website at and feel free to contact me by email or phone if I can be of assistance.

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