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    Would be interested in hearing about independent schools (junior and senior) in Suffolk. Not the really expensive ones but the good, decent, value for money ones eg Woodbridge School. Area not important.




    Hi Lucy, Woodbridge School is a great place to start and Woodbridge itself is a great location with lots going on (which is great if you’re new to the area). The school itself has a very good reputation for sports and music. There are a good number of after school clubs as well. I have friends whose children go there and they’re very happy. My husband went there ‘many moons ago’ and he still has a fantastic network of school friends (like him, many have stayed in the area). I would recommend looking at Ipswich School and Orwell Park to compare. Good luck.



    Hi Lucy,

    My children (now 14 and 15) have attended Woodbridge School and The Abbey (prep) for quite a few years. It really is a wonderful school; a broad mix of everything – academic, sports, drama and music; great opportunities for extra-curricular activities such as D of E, international exchanges, and emphasis on associated charities. Very much involved in Woodbridge life.

    Good luck! The local schools also have excellent reputations , such as Farlingaye.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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