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    Oh, that house looks lovely, but sadly way over budget!! May have to see if we can do private primary and smaller house…! The search continues! Thanks again.



    Hi AHW, I’m so delighted to have come across this website. Your local knowledge of The Wells Free School is just what I’m looking for! We’ve bought a house in Royal Wells Park that should be finished by the end of the year. Naively I just assumed we’d get a place at The Wells Free School but having done my research it looks like all the primary’s in the area are over subscribed. I just wondered if you have any up to date information about how likely we are to get a reception place in Sept 16? Also, are there any local pre schools you could recommend for my youngest? Thank you so much for your time.



    Hi Victoria,

    I honestly can’t say that you would have a guaranteed space, because I have no idea of how many children will apply in the year you are looking at from the development, but I would have thought that you will be in a strong position if you apply from Royal Wells Park. This year there were 5x as many applications as spaces for TWFS, but children came from further afield; as Founders we were trying to plug part of the schools ‘black hole’ which exists around that area, but we realise that the children from the RWP development will probably end up taking the lion’s share of the spaces. So if I were in your shoes, I would be fairly confident, but not 100% so.

    In terms of where else you would be likely to get in to – I think that the odds are fairly small/nonexistent for Bishops Down from there, you may possibly get St Paul’s in Rusthall or Langton Green (at a very big push), but this is the problem with TW – too many new houses and not enough school places/infrastructre being provided. I know someone from the vicinity of RWP who put one of the village schools as their third choice a couple of years ago, and got given it – but that would be rare now I think.

    With regards to preschools, my children all went to The Alphabet Train on St John’s Road and I rate it really highly – they are brilliant with the children, it’s fairly traditional and they are really well prepared by the time they go to school, but the only thing that it doesn’t have is outside space – they take the children to the park on sunny days – but for that reason I think it puts parents off and I think that’s such a shame. St George’s on Queen’s/Chilston Road is also highly regarded, and Little Cottage on Culverden Down – which is a super little nursery, very small but also highly sought after. I know that there are other options closer to the station now (Little Rascals possibly?) but as the other three were in walking distance those were the ones most people I know, used.

    I hope that’s helpful – happy to answer any more questions as you have them!



    Hi Ann, I just came across with your post and I hope you can advise me.
    I live in Tunbridge Well, in Grove Hill Road near the train station. My daughter will be starting primary school next year. The nearest school for us is Claremont being 0.3 miles away but I don’t have much hope of getting a place in there, then the next one is St Peters 0.4 miles away. All others are much further. I am so confused in how to apply considering I may not be in any catchment area.
    Can you advise me please?



    Hi Gisa

    I am a bit out of the loop this year because I have taken a step back from TWFS now it’s up and running, but I have a couple of friends who got Claremont this year and didn’t think that they would, along with other people who didn’t think they would get their first choices and did, so don’t panic! First off, there is no such thing as school catchments in TW, other than for St James’ which publish the roads that they accept children from. It purely comes down to distance (usually once looked after children, education needs and siblings are dealt with). My best advice is to look at the KCC published data on the last admitted child for each of your chosen schools for this year (it should be published in the booklet that KCC put out for parents who are applying for school) and see what your options are. I would certainly put Claremont down if it is genuinely your first choice and you think it’s the right fit for your child (a friend of mine thought that’s where she wanted her children to go until she visited and decided that it wasn’t the right place for her particular child – who is now very happily settled at another TW primary). I would also talk to KCC beforehand and ask which schools people living near you have been allocated in the past couple of years – that should give you a good idea of where you may end up if you don’t get your first two choices. And if you don’t get your choice of school, don’t panic – you may find that actually, the school you have been allocated is great too.(That is my experience – my son got the ‘wrong’ school, which actually turned out to be brilliant for him). We are very lucky here to have excellent schools – don’t let idle chit chat from parents who have no actual experience of a school put you off. And there are always waiting lists – and there is a fair amount of movement as parents will hold state and private school options so there are chances, even fairly late into August/early September.

    Hope that helps!



    Hi Ann, thank you so much for your advice, it makes everything look a bit more clear to me. I will definitely contact KCC and see what they say.
    Thanks again for taking the time x.



    Hello. I found this thread and decided to write with the hpoe of getting some advice – thanks in advance for reading. I am interested in the St Augustine Catholic school, and the grammar schools for both boys and girls. Ideally, i would like to be able to walk to St Augustine’s, but wondering whether we could afford a family house in the area (our budget is 600k), and also whether we would then be in the catchment area for the grammar schools. Thanks very much. G.

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