Help! Has Anyone Moved To LIVERPOOL?

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    I am an older mover (60’s). Having to move out of London following divorce, can no longer afford to rent here & priced out of property market. Really need to be in a vibrant city, so not a country person, have considered Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, but Liverpool seems to offer better value for money & more contemporary new builds. Any advice welcome re best area to live dont want to be in party cenral but definitely dont want a suburb & dont want to rely on a car. I will be on my own.

    Thanks in advance


    A follower on Instagram suggests:
    Near Albert Dock. Mann island etc. Vibrant great culture, great transport links. V close to shops too and not crazy in the evening.


    A follower on Facebook has this advice:

    Moved here in 2012 and never looked back. The energy and the people are just amazing. Bold Street is full of lovely independent restaurants. A good place to be vegetarian/vegan! I’m so glad I made the move.
    South of Liverpool: Allerton, for Liverpool South Parkway, Halewood, Mossley Hill.
    North of Liverpool: Crosby, Formby.
    Wirral: Bromborough, Eastham.
    All roughly 15-30 minutes by train into Liverpool.



    Thankks for advice, relief to receive some positive response, so many negative comments whenever I mention moving out of London, to Liverpool, at my age. So difficult to know where to start when I dont know the city, & need to make a decision soon!!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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