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    We made the big brave move from se london to the burbs of orpington 18 years ago but the big smokes sprawl has finally caught up and for quite sometime we’ve been toying with the idea of making the bigger and final move further into the beautiful kent countryside to east peckham possibly spring of 2015…we already know the village fairly well with close family friends who are lifelong villagers….our two younger children are 13 and very nearly 15 and here lies the problem…….Its a move we’ve wanted to do for many years now and finally were in the position to make it reality ! But i’m worried our 15 year old wont settle and adjust and will ‘hate us’ forever for moving them away from friends…..due to work commuting they’ll still be able to attend their current school into their final year next summer….but will they make new friends will they get bored ? Will there be plenty for them to do our 13 old is quite looking forward to it…..are we being fair? And if you already live in east peckham or surrounding area’s and have teenagers whats it like for them and are there any clubs or facilities they can go to? Helpppp! Its a challenging change but one we hope will be for the better! Thank you……



    We’ve asked around our offices for opinions and this is what our colleagues had to say.

    Moving to Kent from a busy North London suburb over four years ago, to be nearer to family, I relish the quality of life that I now have. Although I still work extremely hard for this growing independent Estate Agency, I find that I have more time to enjoy seeing family without the rush of getting back to London for a Monday morning, taking time to visit all the lovely towns and villages surrounding me, which offer such a rich choice of indulgences, from shopping at Ashford Outlet Centre, many quality independent restaurants and pubs and local sites of interest including Northiam Castle and the ancient Cinqe Port of Rye amongst many others. From 35 years in one busy metropolitan town, and having moved hundreds of people to their dream locations, I can honestly say that moving to The Garden of England has been the best move I have ever made.


    As an 18 year old living in Kent, personally I would say it’s great, I’m quite active, and there are plenty of places to go for runs and bike-rides in some great rural settings. Also, the pus around are great, and being secluded means there is hardly any violence like there is in London. For the younger teenagers around Kent there are loads of clubs, youth groups, school-run clubs, and some really great opportunities to do some extraordinary things through the Kent Army Cadet Force, like adventurous training and trips abroad. I’ve lived in more built up and city settings and although getting around is a bit easier without a car, Kent is a lot more fun.

    Hope this helps! Let us know if there’s anything else we can do 🙂



    Thank you so much that was so helpful we are very recently up for sale and and our two younger children the teenagers are both now on board one has joined army cadets here a few months back so will transition over to a local branch when we relocate making new friends and the other will now be attending 6th form locally rather than travelling back to london…
    It’s an exciting time for us and now for the children too looking forward to summer 2015 in the garden of England have wanted this very much for my children as I spent all my childhood and teenage summers hop picking and fruit picking on a farm near Linton the best time and years of my life were in the beautiful Kent countryside….thank you Simon and the team I’ll keep you updated……tracy

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