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    Hi, I have been reading up on all the comments on Compton, Guildford, Farncombe, Whitley, Godalming and Whitley. All very good, as we are looking to move to somewhere near Guildford. My husband will have to commute in daily, and I will go regularly as well. I know the commute is good from Guildford, but somehow both of us were rather taken by Cranleigh. I know it does not have a station. But perhaps someone here does know what it’s like to commute to Waterloo/Canary Wharf from Cranleigh. Should we just forget Cranleigh, and go for Whitley, Farncombe or Shamley Green?



    If you want to persevere with Cranleigh – why not drive to Godalming or Farncombe stations in the morning instead of Guildford and avoid the major traffic. Rush hour is rush hour wherever you are but the major hubs like Guildford are always the most conjested



    I used to live in Cranleigh and now live in Bramley. I’d suggest that your husband drive to Shalford station, which has a car park and is a smaller station in a village. You can then get a train from there to Guildford and then on to London. The road between Cranleigh and Shalford can be quite busy in the rush hour, but not as busy as trying to get into Guildford or Godalming.

    Cranleigh is a lovely village and I’d thoroughly recommend living there.



    I agree with the suggestions of avoiding Guildford station for commuting if possible, its a rugby scrum!! Shalford or Godalming. Good luck with the move.



    We moved to Cranleigh 1.5 years ago – loving it. My husband drives to Guildford to get the train, some people drive to Shalford or Farncombe or even Woking where the trains leave every 10 minutes.



    Super replies, thank you all. Very useful indeed. Just wondered, for the lady in Bramley, would you say Bramley-London Waterloo is a lot easier than Cranleigh-London Waterloo?

    As in: do we just go for the place that we like best, or is it worth getting a bit closer to Guildford and shortening the commute. After all, many villages are nice, and you never really know where you will find friends anyway.



    Don’t know anything about commuting to London from Cranleigh unfortunately but Cranleigh & surrounding villages are fabulous places to live. I have a good friend who lives in Shamley Green and commutes on a regular basis to London via Guildford



    Hello Inge, I am based in Woking, so unfortunately wouldn’t be able to give any tips on Cranleigh in particular. There are fast trains to London every 10 mins from Woking and probably the same from Guildford. That is the only advantage to take trains from either of the two stations. I think, if commute is the main (and only) factor, then you can try villages that are closest to station. You will save time each day. Or, changing trains is perfectly possible if you choose a nicer and more spacious village, a bit further. I wouldn’t recommend driving to either woking or guildford stations due to rush hour traffic but you can drive to any of the other stations . Wish you all the best with your move.



    Hi we live in Farncombe my husband commutes daily to Waterloo 45mins straight through. No faffing about getting on and off trains to catch another train etc! There are some lovely houses around here and Godalming Town Centre is a 20min walk away. Godalming Train station on the other hand is on a hill! Farncombe station does have parking too.

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