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    We are looking to move into Surrey from Wimbledon with three small children (Year 2, Reception next year and a baby). We don’t want to move too far out so have set our eyes to the direction of Cheam or Ewell village. Would appreciate any general tips on the areas – where to aim for, where to avoid – and any school advice esp as we have boys and girls so want either mixed schools or single sex that aren’t too far apart!



    Hi, we’ve just moved to Cheam village from Southfields (in May), so are still finding our feet, but we are so far really pleased. Cheam has a really nice centre with a good mix of shops / restaurants / coffee shops (it’s got a Waitrose / cook / pizza express etc). It’s also right next to nonsuch park & Cheam park which are great open spaces and there’s also a great playground. We are in the area called south Cheam which is south of the train station. Our son is about to start at the local state school (Cuddington croft), it has good reviews but we don’t have first hand experience yet. There are also other good state schools in the area – St Dunstan’s, Cheam Fields & the Avenue. There are a couple of mixed private not too far away (Arbedour & Ewell Castle – which goes to 18). So far I have found it really friendly and with a nice feel. It’s also well placed for access to Epsom & Sutton for more shops. We did also look at Ewell Village, I don’t know so much about it as we ended up finding a house in Cheam but I found it smaller with not such good access to parks / shops etc. One thing to note is the commute into London, most trains are to Victoria with only a few to London Bridge in rushhour, these stop at around 7, so it can be a bit painful if you want to come back later, although the rumours are they will increase the number of trains in the next couple of years. If you have any more questions just shout. Alice


    Belinda Aspinall

    Another message

    Hi Belinda, we moved to Cheam 6 months ago so still finding our feet a bit. We moved from Earlsfield and the main reason for moving was the space. What you can get for your money compared to Wandsworth or Wimbledon is quite substantial. My husband works at London Bridge and the train from Cheam goes straight to London Bridge which is great for him. It also goes to Victoria via Clapham Junction. With all the works at London Bridge the train has got slower but supposedly once the works are completed it will speed up again to 35 mins and be more frequent…..fingers crossed! My 4 year old started reception this week at St Dunstans C of E primary school in Cheam village so can’t really comment on what it is like yet but first impressions are good. All the local primary schools are rated good or outstanding by ofsted. There is also some good senior schools for boys and girls, Nonsuch High School for girls, Sutton Grammer for boys and plenty of prep schools and private schools if you want to go down that route. Cheam village isn’t huge but it has a number of coffee shops, hairdressers, a little waitrose, butcher, bakery, greengrocer, Cook, Pizza express, Prezzo and a Wildwood Deli has just opened up. There are also a number of independent shops and restaurants, one thing it is lacking is a good pub. It has some great parks with Cheam Park and Nonsuch Park and a brilliant kids playground and cafe on Cheam rec. If the traffic is good it can take me less than 20 mins to get to Wimbledon so I like the fact that it really isn’t that far/difficult to get back to my old stomping ground and friends. Hope that helps, if there are anymore questions just let me know.


    Belinda Aspinall

    Another message

    We moved to West Ewell (Ewell Village’s less pretty sister) from Wandsworth Town just over a year ago and haven’t looked back since.
    Like other people have mentioned, it’s astonishing how much more house you get for money in this area than you do in SW18/19, and that was a major draw for us. West Ewell is cheaper than Ewell Village, and is less ‘villagey’ and more commuter belt but I love it nonetheless – it’s a short walk into the village so best of both really. Steer clear of the Watermead side of Ruxley Lane if looking in West Ewell, but other than that, Ewell Village and west Ewell are both lovely.

    I don’t know how old your children are but the local primary schools are all good/outstanding and it’s much, much more likely that you will get into a school that you want around here than in Wimbledon. My daughter started at West Ewell Infants today so can’t really say much about it and I don’t know a huge amount about the local secondaries other than to say that Nonsuch Girls Grammar and Tolworth Girls are always highly rated. Ewell Castle (independent) is also excellent. I have a couple of friends with children there and they are very happy with it.

    Ewell Village is lovely, but small. Cheam definitely has more to it, but personally I like that it has the little independent shops and it has a lovely village my community feel. It’s also close enough to London that you still get Amazon same day delivery! The shops are somewhat limited but it’s close enough to Epsom, which has a bigger choice and is very lovely, that it’s not problematic. Also only 15 mins drive to Kingston.

    Loads of outside space too – also very close to Nonsuch Park, and there is a huge nature reserve which runs along the Hogsmill River from Ewell Village to West Ewell.

    My husband and I catch the train from
    Stoneleigh, which is one stop closer to London than West Ewell (which is the closest station to the Village), into Waterloo and there are trains about every 20 mins. Trains go through Wimbledon and Clapham Junction so it’s pretty handy.
    Ewell East goes into Victoria. I’ve never caught the train from there so can’t comment on that.

    I love living around here. I’ve found Ewell to be a
    really friendly place, and we’ve had no problems settling in easily. We’d lived in Wandsworth for about 10 years and thought it would be really hard
    to leave but haven’t found that at all. Even if we did though, a very quick dash up the A3 and we’d be back! Road connections are really handy if you travel a lot.

    Basically, both Cheam and Ewell Village are lovely places and I would recommend both as good places to come and look at. Join us!

    I hope that’s helpful. I’m very happy to try and help if you have any other questions.



    Hi Belinda

    I’m new to this forum so I do hope this message gets through to you or anyone who has good knowledge of Ewell village & Ewell west in particular. We have recently decided to move out of Ham, Richmond and get somewhat closer to the good schools in Sutton in preparation for my son’s A’levels next year. We viewed a stunning property over the weekend close to Ewell village & Ewell West train station which ticks many boxes for me and my wife and even my son. Our only hold up for now for not making an offer yet is that (a) we have only literally started viewing properties (this was our second out of a total of 3 so far!) and do not feel we have seen enough (though sometimes that is a poor criteria for not making a move on something that is clearly a good pick) and, (b) a friend living in Ewell area warned us of Ewell west being a bit of a ‘rough patch’. Personally, having read your post, I think he maybe talking about the west side of Ruxley Lane – but nonetheless I am a bit concerned about what he said and would like your advice please on how you are finding Ewell west / Chessington road neighbourhood. Like yourself, I know Epsom village pretty well as I used to work there till couple of years ago and know Epsom town is lovely in every sense. However, my knowledge of what may become our future neighbourhood is rather thin currently.

    Any advice you or anyone else maybe able to offer will be gratefully received!



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