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    Hello everyone,

    We are in North London at the moment and considering moving to Surrey, both for the commute (I’m working in South London so already doing 1 hour commute every day) and the space we can afford. I apologise if the phrasing of the question is not polite in anyway, but what do you consider as a more arty, creative towns to live in Surrey? As an outsider, Surrey might seems very “proper” at times. I know it will not be “edgy” London type of place (and all the problems that comes with it), but I’m hoping to find a place with a bit of independent, bohemian spirit and like minded people.

    Thank you.



    Hello, did you get any information regarding your question? I am from North London but have been living in Hampshire and looking to move to exactly a place as you describe. I put my kids through the Steiner school in both North London and Hampshire, Ringwood, but this is not an arty creative town by any means and I am hungry to move asap. Any ideas so far? Thanks



    I’d be so interested to hear any responses to this too! Looking to move to Surrey but worried it’s not as diverse as we’re used to.



    Hi! Did any of the above posters end up in some lovely diverse area of Surrey?! We are looking to move from Walthamstow into Surrey and also wondered about creativity/diversity. Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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