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    My other half and I live in a flat he owns in London. It’s not the nicest area but currently we’re lucky, we have nice neighbours. It’s too small for us really although it does have a lovely garden.
    So we need somewhere bigger. We can’t afford London so we’re looking to move out.

    I was very excited and looking forward to exploring places and choosing somewhere. He had his heart set on Deal, in Kent. Like, really set. So set that he won’t consider anywhere else. He wants to be by the sea; and I can’t really find any other options that are by the sea, that we can afford. I would still be commuting to London for work, so it needs good connections.
    I’ve visited Deal with him once and although it is a lovely town I’m worried that it is too quiet for me. I don’t do loads in London, but I’m early 30s and I couldn’t see many people that age in Deal!
    Also, there’s only one direct fast train to London in the morning and one back in the evening. Flexible eh?!
    So I was wondering: does anyone know Deal? What’s it like to live there as a younger person? Has anyone else experienced this – moved somewhere the other person chose, and how has it worked out?
    What would you do in my situation?

    Any comments v welcome, I’m in such a dither!



    Hi Kathryn,

    I live in Deal and commute daily to Central London on HS1. There are currently four peak direct trains that serve Deal in the morning and four in the evening. From January 2015 there will be a full service with two trains every hour, every day.

    Deal is quiet and can’t compete with the city lifestyle, but to be honest that’s why people love the place. There are plenty of 30 somethings and a vibrant art and social scene which has recently rapidly increased with ‘down from London’ types.

    I don’t know if you would find it too quiet, but personally I think working in London and living in Deal really is the best of both worlds and with a full HS1 service there is no reason why you can’t maintain your London social circle.

    Hope this helps,



    Hi James
    Thank you so much for getting back to me, and so quickly!
    Good info on the trains, I swear I looked and it seemed like one in the morning, one in the evening. Are those direct?
    *hundreds of questions warning*
    Whereabouts in London do you work? Do you often get delayed trains or issues? Do you get a seat normally? What sort of time do you get back in the evening?
    If anyone else wants to chip in with answers I’d love to hear from you!




    Hi Kathryn,

    I work in Farringdon which is either a 15 min walk from St Pancras or one stop via Thameslink/underground. Direct HS trains from DEAL in the morning are 05.58, 06.24, 06.58, 07.28 and coming back 16:40, 17.42, 18:42, 23.12.

    I always get a seat in the morning. The HS trains are very good compared to mainline but on the few occasions there are delays or weather problems it often turns into a nightmare journey, I have some great stories and the delays are usually shared with thousands of other Kent commuters! I am sure you know Southeastern have a bit of a reputation on that front.

    I finish work at 6pm, so have plenty of time to get to St Pancras for the 18:42 and I am home in DEAL at 8pm (through the door at 8.10pm). It’s a long day I won’t kid you, but you get used to it and I quite like having some time on the train to just chill out reading or listening to music.

    Very happy to answer any questions, so fire away.. I am also on Twitter @hsdeal


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