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    Hi, we are looking to make the big move and otford seems to be a very appealing option at the moment but I would really appreciate any advice and views. We are a family of 5 with three young (preschool) boys and both myself and husband would be commuting into London (me only part time). A few questions we have if anyone can help!

    The primary school seems good-any views on this? The only nursery option seems to be Longacre, is this the case and does this have a good reputation?

    Is otford a good area for young families? Enough to do etc? We are very keen to get fully involved in village life so would like to find a lively active community!

    It seems that the existing fast train service to London Victoria will soon (2019?) Be complemented by a new thameslink fast service from Otford to london bridge- is this correct? I’m struggling to find any definitive answer on this!

    Thanks so much-any help very gratefully received!!



    Dont know about schools (mine are teens+ now!) but Otford is a lovely place – more a village than a town Id say with a beautiful duck pond/ roundabout cafes etc . It’s v close to Sevenoaks for all amenities Inc swimming pool etc. Re trains I guess it depends where you need to be in London? Many prefer to go into sevenoaks and get the fast train to London bridge/ch X/cannon Street. At 30 minutes every 10 minutes it’s hard to beat….!



    Otford is full of lovely quaint shops and some gorgeous old homes and has a lovely village atmosphere, winning 2002 Kent Village of the year. Depending on whether you’re looking to go Private or Government, Otford has a good choice of both. The local school has a good reputation. One of my friends was a teacher there and loved it. St Michaels Private School and Russell House School are also very close by and both excellent. Parking can be difficult at the station unless you get there early. Trains from Sevenoaks are much more frequent and there is ample parking but go into Charing Cross/Cannon Street. If you need any further help I run a local business helping people moving into this area. Making the right decision is critical and sometimes there is so much information out there its hard to know what to do. Let me know if you need any further help. Regards Justine



    Hi Mary,
    I am looking to move with my family from Melbourne to Otford or a nearby village to Sevenoaks and saw this conversation. I was interested in what information you had found it/if you made the move there and what your thoughts are.
    I have a two and four year old and like the look of the primary school, particularly the forest school program. I’ve also been recommended Longacre childcare.
    Would be interested to know what you discovered about the train options too, my husband and I will be commuting to London as well.

    Would love to hear any insight basically!
    Thanks, K

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