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    We are two 40 something accountants working in Financial Services in the City (one in tax). Like so many others we are tired of the lifestyle and the long hours long commute culture.

    So we are starting to look at a move to the Gloucestershire, Wiltshire or Somerset.

    This post is to ask if anybody else has made such a move and managed to find local work having come from city jobs. We are not worried about dropping significantly on pay or seniority.

    Also interested to know where in the region might be good to be based for work, and if cutting the commute is actually achievable. Right now we both spend about 2.5 hours a day commuting.

    Any help would be appreciated !



    I moved from London to near Bath about 4 years ago with a job in Chippenham to go to though I did not work in the city. What I think would be more appropriate in your business is Bath itself as there are accountancy businesses you could apply to. It is a beautiful city and very close to amazing countryside.



    Hiya. I am a project manager and I moved from London to a beautiful village outside of Swindon in 2014. I haven’t regretted the move AT ALL.
    I have had no problem finding work (and I’m currently working for Nationwide) as so many headquarters of large organisations are out here.
    I think obvious places to commute to (that I know) are Bristol, Bath, Swindon. Although I live in deepest darkest countryside, I have a 20 minute drive to my offices. The shortest commute I’ve ever had. It means that even if I work from home (which is part of their directive) I can still whizz in for a last minute meeting if needed.
    Please feel free to ask any questions.

    BTW — I never set out to live near Swindon. We had initially looked at Hampshire and the possibility of commuting to London from there and working a shorter week. I then got this job and have since seen the opportunities around here. Swindon itself is useful for amenities, but isn’t the loveliest of towns. However, everything you need is on the outside of it and we are so close to places like Marlborough (for shopping), Bristol and other prettier cities, it really doesn’t require any need to go into Swindon. Old town is lovely but not the new town (although it is being re-generated).


    A Twitter follower says:

    “Hello. I didn’t work in the city but I did live and work in Essex, where most people would assume that pay would be higher than in the south west. I now live in Somerset, on its border with Dorset and Wiltshire and earn more than I did in Essex in a similar role. If you look hard and choose well, there are employers in the south west who are willing to pay for your skills, experience and attitude (in other words, what you’re worth) rather than what some might think the region dictates.”



    Another Wiltshire person here!

    Nice thing about Wiltshire is that you can get to lots of places within and hour or two, including some of us hardy souls who commute into London every day, but it’s well outside the London mindset. London might as well be on another planet for much of the county.

    As people mentioned above, if you’re looking for employment with a mid, to large, to multi-national, Swindon, Bath, Bristol have lots to offer. Salisbury and Andover might, too. If you’re imagining hanging out your own shingle in a country setting, there are certainly lots of small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers who require services. But you’ll need to network hard. There are lots of formal and informal associations and support networks to get involved with, along with the usual types of village connections. In terms of becoming part of the community, you definitely get out of it what you put into it.

    Where you head in the county also depends on what type of links back to London you might need. The train services that run from the southern part of the county through Salisbury and into Waterloo, versus those that run through Westbury, Pewsey and Bedwyn, versus the Chippenham and Swindon line all have very different service and pricing quirks. There is no one-size-fits-all train perfection.

    Good luck!



    Apologies would’ve replied sooner, but had problems logging in as changed email.
    Bee of life After London tweeted asking locals for advice. Moved to Somerset 15 years ago without a backward glance, wherever you go South West, you will wonder why you didn’t do it before. IntoSomerset did a survey and found that the average commute is 25 mins, though there often tractors, horse & riders and flocks of sheep on the road, they’re rarely at rush hour. There are many accountants and financial advisers throughout the region, just google for the towns like Taunton, Yeovil, Exeter, Yeovil, Dorchester etc Yes loads in Bath too, but if you want a change of pace, no parking or commuting issues look at the towns. Old Mill Accountants & Financial Planners have offices in Exeter, Melksham, Wells and Yeovil, they have these vacancies currently as I could only reply earlier on Twitter I mentioned @OldMilAFP in my reply to Bee, they saw it and asked for your CVs! Go for it & good luck


    From one of our business partners:
    “My business partner and I both moved down to the South West (Exeter) with our respective families for a more balanced way of life. He was up London and I was in Sydney. We now run an executive recruitment business called Chamberlain Lockhart and specialise in helping people such as yourselves who want to make a lifestyle move without having to completely let go of their career!

    Whilst salaries are lower, this is usually offset by the lower costs of housing, commuting and coffee! I would be very happy to chat to you to see how we may be able to assist should the Exeter area be of interest to you?”


    There is a great website called Rockthecotswolds which you should look at. On it you’ll find some accountants jobs – they have a new job site so worth a look

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