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    Had a busy day out and about taking meetings with prospective clients but as soon as I got back it was straight on the MAC to catch up with Twitter and e-mails. Other Half (or OH as I like to refer to him – I do have other names but none of them fit for such a forum! lol) decided he was bored and would go for a run.

    20 mins later I receive a call; OH has pulled a calf muscle, can barely walk and could I come and fetch him? Not a problem as the last this happened he was laid up for 6 weeks with physio 4 times a week! So I dutifully arrived at the plantation where he runs (its beautiful with deer, wild rabbits and the most stunning scenery all free and on our doorstep – but I digress…..) but he’s no where to be seen.

    I go to another walkway that I know is part of his running route but again no sign. I’m getting a bit concerned so start to walk up one of the lanes. Two dog walkers on bikes (yes I know they are meant to be walking but am sure they know this and its probably very efficient way of exercising the doggies) ask me if I have lost a dog to which I replied “no, a husband!” They laughed and I explained the situation; they then turned around and headed of down the lane with one taking the left and the other the right to go find him; I hadn’t even asked!!!! I then hear one ask a lady if they have seen a guy all in black hobbling anywhere nearby just as I spot OH leaning against the car looking red and in pain.

    I called to the two gentlemen who turned around and meet me back at the car; they wished him well and hoped that he would be ok to which I replied “so do I; the last time this happened I had to put up with him for 6 weeks at home!” ; they laughed and carried on with their walk / ride….

    This is not the first time I have experienced such nice and helpful people and trust me when I say this is the norm not the exception here in gorgeous Bournemouth…

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