Using a Buying Agent – Real Life Experience

I often talk to our potential Life after London families about the possibility of using a buying agent.  For some it can be a life saver and prevent endless journeys down the motorway for houses that aren't quite right.  For others it's simply a case of having been searching for months and getting no where...the opportunity for a third party to work on your behalf can be seriously useful.

We share here to the story of a family who have recently bought a property in Monmouthshire, using Stacks Property Search and Acquisition.

Monmouthshire magic!

Tim and Samantha Andrews came to Stacks having been looking for a property in Gloucestershire, east of the River Severn,for almost a year. They’re a young family, with two children, 7 and 5, and another on the way. Tim’s job is in London, so he needed to commute for four days, with one day working from home. But he’s hoping for a change in job and a relocation to Bristol, where the daily commute would be so much easier.

They had sold their four bedroom in Battersea, but despite the substantial proceeds, were struggling to find what they wanted – a large period property, with land for horses and ponies, and a rural, even wild, setting. A good local school was important. They were finding it exhausting driving up and down the motorway to look at unsuitable property.

When they approached Stacks, the first thing we did was de-construct then re-construct their brief. We suggested buying a small pied a terre in Paddington to keep a foothold in the London market, and moving their search area further west, into Monmouthshire, west of the River Severn, a stunning area that much better meets their brief for ‘wild rural’, and offers much more property to the £. Monmouth School offers education for both boys and girls from nursery to 6th form.

The house we found them is a substantial family home with five bedrooms, some outbuildings and five acres of land. Planning permission is currently being sought to convert one of the barns into secondary accommodation. While the property needs a little, it’s ready to move into. Tim’s commute into London (2.5 hours) isn’t practical on a daily basis, but he has the flat in Paddington for as many nights of the week as he needs until he’s relocated, after which the flat can be rented out.

The Andrews LOVE their new home, and the area. Monmouth is a wonderful, small, friendly, market town. The countryside is beautiful with excellent out-riding, and the house offers much more substantial accommodation than they could have hoped for further east. By moving the search criteria 20 miles west, they have achieved a lifestyle that they had previously only dreamt about.

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  1. I totally agree buying agents can be a real life saver. We used some when we moved and weren’t able to do the journey every weekend to view houses. Also when we then moved again and sold our property we actually got a conveyancing solicitor involved to make things a bit easier on us, they were great and I would recommend them!


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