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We know moving out of London can feel daunting.

You have a lot of decisions to make all whilst maintaining your usual busy life.

We've designed our series of Top Tips to be simple and easy and quick to read and put into action.

We keep our tips brief and to the point, sharing useful websites and tricks and ideas to help you get the strategy in place to make your move out of London.

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It seems easy but honestly, it all merges in the end.

Write down everything from the start to save yourself lots of trying to remember important things, like commute times and places you've visited.



It's fairly straight forward to work out moving costs, but please include your new running costs in your budget - thinking of commuting costs, increased heating bills, council tax and the such like.

Don't stretch yourselves so far you can't live the life you planned when you've moved.


Is the timing right for your move?  There are a few sensible questions to ask yourselves before you leap into a move and whilst we can't get all the stars aligned, a few things can make a difference.


There is so much I could say on this but I'll keep it brief - commuting is hard at the start.  Make sure you do some trial runs, on paper it may look feasible but does it work in reality.  Can you park, get a seat, grab a coffee?  How will you make it more bearable?  Have a plan!


When friends have moved out we can be drawn to the areas they live.  Many a client of ours has 100s of potential locations all based on the latest chat at the school gates.  It's great to get ideas but remember your family, your own hopes and dreams and desires are unique and it's really important you take the driving seat in your move.  Don't just go because others have gone, and don't go where they went without doing your own due diligence.


Get back to basics and remember why you've even considered moving out of London.

What are you searching for? What are you trying to leave behind?




Finding a new area doesn't happen over night - prepare yourselves to do the research.  And when you've moved, be prepared, much as our lovely Real Story writer was for a slow burn. Yes, it may fall into place but don't fear the time of settling in.  It's not a reason to avoid the move!


Think how the house and area will adapt as your family grows. Will work still be feasible if the job moves or the hours change?




Floor plan

If you've got a floor plan of your house, make sure you keep it with you when you're house hunting. It's useful to use it to compare room sizes when you're looking at other houses.  The rooms of your own home 'make sense' mentally so it's a good comparison.

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