Meeting a “still in London” dweller….just

Today I had the huge pleasure of meeting one of my soon to be 'life after Londoners'. The nature of the beast in this on line world is one where we are all hidden behind computer desks interacting in bite size twitter and facebook chunks.  However, we took the bull by the horns and met up face to face!  With 3 children between us we squeezed so much chat into real life bite sized chunks whilst also attempting to prevent my children from destroying a lovely roadside cafe and preventing anyone falling in the river (we succeeded but only just)!

Sometimes I meet people and I worry about their move out of London.  I won't tell tales but so much is about the attitude I think - yes for some it's easy, the call of the wild is enough to put all the fears to be the back of their mind but for others they talk exclusively about the sacrifices they are making for their family...and I worry a little about that.  I am in no position to judge, I only want people to do what is right for them - whatever that solution might be.  BUT anyway back to today....not even a little part of me worried for my lovely new friend.  She is going to be such a massive asset to her new community....a breath of fresh air at the school gates, keen to get on but not so over powering she'll be running the PTA before the term is out...she seems respectful of everyone, funny, intelligent and kind...added to which I might tell you she was brilliant with my somewhat feral brood.

I have to declare that as well as being my new friend she arrived with homemade Jam...homemade Jam - I ask you - how to make me feel useless.  I can barely homemake a cup of tea these days and my new friend is a writer, mother of two and about to move house and she's made jam!  It was delicious and flavoured with lavender...she'll need to be careful in the country as she won't want to go winning the best jam competition in the produce show first year of entry!  Luckily for anyone desperate to compete she's shared her recipe on her blog so check it out.

The great thing about this friend is she's writing a blog all about her transformation from townie to bumpkin which means I'll have plenty of excuses to keep up with the news. I may even have to pay a visit to her new bumpkin life, for the purpose of work of course. However, I may have to explain no more home made jam - it makes me feel useless and also I can't stop sticking my spoon in and I'm meant to be working!

To follow Margot's adventures from Townie to Bumpkin visit her link here - she really is a rather lovely new friend!



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