Putting your house on the market in London


Putting your house on the market

I’m naturally a traditionalist and I appreciate the value of an estate agent in the process of buying a new home.

If you’re buying a house in a new area I will always encourage you to meet, talk to, pick the brains of, and engage with the estate agents in that new area.  They are a great source of information and you should make the most of all they have to share with you, whilst keeping in mind of course that they are working for the ‘other side’, so remember not to share all your family secrets with them!  They have an essential role to play in your next move so get to know them and bond with them if you possibly can.  When you sign up for our housemoving tips you'll find I often suggest face to face meet ups with the local estate agents and I believe when you're moving to a new area it is virtually impossible without the handholding of a local agent.

I have been approached by many online agents in the past and, because none met my exacting standards,  I haven’t wanted to share their details with you.  However, I think we have a winner in this outfit and I’m happy to tell you about their service. They are called SellMyHome.  

I’m not recommending you use them to buy your next home necessarily because I believe you need to connect with the estate agents and use their local knowledge of the different areas as I've already said.   You might prove me wrong so do let me know!


However, if you’re selling a fairly standard house or a flat in London, I think SellMyHome could be a great model and it's certainly one worth researching.

All of the staff are qualified (or taking their exams as we speak) and customer service and communication seem to be top of their list.  Let’s not labour the point but there seem to be many local high street estate agents who have sprung up with customer service and communication too far down on their priority list.  

I believe that estate agents have a vital role to play in the buying and selling of property but I also feel that SellMyHome have an important place in the market.  You'll have to value your house sensibly, present your house properly, be keen to sell and happy to conduct your own viewings.  On that note perhaps I’m unusual but I think a viewing by the owner is actually a great way to sell a house.  As a potential purchaser in the past I’ve felt much more comfortable hearing about the house without having to rely on the agent’s ‘spiel’.   The joy is you can pay SellMyHome to help with negotiations and this is certainly something to consider if you’re not comfortable negotiating or ‘talking money’.  They will also take care of chasing solicitors which I can assure you can be a mammoth task in itself!

Prices start at £550 including VAT.  The top package which includes negotiation is £1,400 (including VAT), but £1,200 is paid when you actually sell your home.  You can also purchase For Sale boards (I’m a big fan of these in London as people really do drive around the streets and they like looking for property sale boards), and fancy brochures and video walk-­throughs of your house if you want the full shebang.    

for sale

If you’re like me and just not quite sure, I would urge you to at least have a chat with them and make up your own mind.

I’m pretty confident you’ll be surprised by what you find out but I’d love your feedback so keep me posted.

The chaps at SellMyHome have suggested they will give you a ‘free’ For Sale Board if you mention Life After London when you get in touch.  Critical to me is the service you feel you receive, so do please let me know your thoughts.  To contact SellMyHome visit their website www.sellmyhome.co.uk or call on 020 3 4412345.


PS If you'd like feedback from a member who used Sell My Home Click here for their review.

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  1. FOR SALE boards have been banned by our council (LBH&F). I expect they are not alone in having done so.


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