Real Story of Attending a Life After London Free Event

Real Story of Attending a Life After London Event

Have you attended one of our events?

We asked our attendees for their feedback and one of our members wrote us a quick blog on the subject.  Our next event is being hosted with Hamptons International and we'd love to see you there.  You can book yourself into the event by clicking this link.

Making Moves

Evening in Earlsfield
You know when you sign up to something and you aren't sure what's going to happen - well that's me and the Life After London event.

I've been a member of the website for a while but I've been pretty inactive, strangely assuming it was all going to fall into place without me having to do very much. I realised without a bit of a push we were probably still going to be talking about moving out in a decade and to be honest I wanted to clear my head and get a few decisions made.

Time off work
I took time off work to get there and was a bit dubious - I once went to a 'free' talk and ended up being sold to for two hours before walking out annoyed I'd fallen for the trap, so I didn't have very high expectations.
What we learnt
As it turned out the evening was brilliantly helpful.  It was pretty small so it didn't feel too corporate and the talks were all fascinating.  For us the most interesting was the market comment by a lady from Hamptons and the talk by Belinda from Life After London, although we did also really appreciate some tips on the local selling market too.  We scribbled loads of notes and really loved the chance to talk about our move with people who know what we're talking about.  The evening got us talking about it too - in a more productive way rather than just late night over a bottle of wine in a dream world fashion.
What's happened since
Since the session we actually used Hamptons to value our house and we've also used the Life After London report service and we're on the fast track to a move out of London which I think has surprised us both.
I understand Hamptons and Life After London are doing another evening like this one and I'd highly recommend people go along.  I am hoping they will do another one in Earlsfield soon because I've told lots of people about it and I know they want to go to one.  It was a really positive evening for us and we'd definitely recommend it.
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